Bangkok adventure was a great experience it gave us the opportunity as students to learn about a country full of tradition, interesting cuisine and amazing sites of ancient temples and gave us an opportunity to learn about thai arts and craft and many other things. During the course of 5 days we visited and learnt about Audhya, Bang Pa-In, Bangsai arts and craft centre, the ancient city, we took part in Muay Thai Boxing, The grand Palace, Wat Po Temple, experienced a Thai massage, and finally we visited the Jim Thompsan House.

On the first day we visited Audhya, Audhya used to be the capitol of Thailand before Bangkok, it was a very interesting place to go visit. We learnt about the architecture and history and saw many interesting temples and houses but many of them were breaking down because of the flood and because they where very old.

On the second day one of the places we visited was the Bangsai arts and craft centre which was fun because we where given the opportunity to make candles and make shapes out of clay. We also went around an area of small houses which were representing the architecture and the way of life of the Thai people. we observed the way silk was made in Thailand and we also saw sculptures that where made by the people working at the arts and crafts centre.

One of the last places we visited was The Jim Thompson House which was also very interesting.  First we were given a tour of the Jim Thompson house. The House is 6 houses put together with all the furniture and pictures left the way Jim Thompson left them before he disappeared in 1967 . He left the house to his nephew who then made it into a museum for everyone to come and see. Jim Thompsan collected old broken Buddhist status and collected many old and broken things that no one no longer wanted because it was thought to be bad luck to keep broken things in the house. I think the story of Jim Thompsan is  interesting and I’m glad we learnt about it.

One of my favourite things about the Bangkok adventure was the Muay Thai boxing even though it was very hot I found it very impressive to see the way the boxers fought and the way they defended them selves. the history of the Muay Thai boxing was fascinating to hear about. I enjoyed having the opportunity to take part in the boxing and learning the basic steps of it but of course it would take many years to master the art of the boxing its self.

After a week of being surrounded by Thai culture, cuisine , tradition, and architecture I feel I have a much better understanding of the way Thai people lived and live now. Being able to see the way they contribute to their religion and their country through out this whole week was a truly memorable experience.



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