February 2012

During this week we learned many things about the Thai culture and also being able to participate in these activities. During the 5 days of our adventure we went to many places, Ayudtaya, Bang Pi Inn Palace, Bangsai Arts and Craft Center, Muay Thai, Erawan Museum, Floating Market, houses and temples around the floating market, […]

We traveled many places in Bangkok during the GCW week. Atudhya, Bang Pa-In, Bangsai Arts and Craft Centre, etc. We learned a lot about Thai culture. Thai structures had unique and intricate architectural style, mainly focusing on their religion; Buddhism. They had a unique religion, which associated the Animism and Buddhism. Many gods depicted in […]

It’s my first GCW trip, Bangkok Adventure. I think it’s a wonderful experience. The most things we did were to learn the history of Thailand. For example, I knew the Ayutthaya Kingdom and the Bangkok Dynasty. This helped me know the world’s history as well, though it seemed not that old than the history of […]

Bangkok adventure was a great experience it gave us the opportunity as students to learn about a country full of tradition, interesting cuisine and amazing sites of ancient temples and gave us an opportunity to learn about thai arts and craft and many other things. During the course of 5 days we visited and learnt about Audhya, Bang Pa-In, Bangsai arts and craft centre, the […]

Bangkok Adventure is not a course focused on the global community, but to me who is not from Thailand, it has helped me gain a more global understanding by learning and experiencing how the local culture differs from mine. The Thai people live much more differently than U.S. Americans. For starters, they have a royal […]

Throughout the 5 days of rural Bangkok, I have acquired greater knowledge and Thailand’s history after many years of staying here. We depart to a different trip everyday learning on something that has been an important part of Thailand’s background and cultures in ancient times. During this GCW trip we went to observe ancient ruins, […]

GCW Bangkok Reflection From this trip I have learned more about how Buddhism is a main part of my country and the extent knowledge about myself. From the day of visiting the Grand palace and the temple, I began to realize that our culture was very important. It was a big lead in the past […]

A week of exploring and discovering Bangkok was an unforgettable experience for me. We took place in different activities each day and were shown parts to Thailand that we otherwise would not have been able to see. The key part to the whole trip for me was getting to know the Thai culture. I myself […]

During this GCW trip, I’ve learnt a couple of really important things, one was the loyalty that thai people have to their culture, I’ve met really nice people that now are good friends, this trip taught me how culture can affect that much to a person, I mean, that people here are so influenced by […]

Bangkok Adventure is not a course let me understand some more part of Thai culture as it gave me opportunities to experience Thai culture in different ways, such as art, clothing, history, and so on. Thai cultures have some parts that differentiate with those of the others. Although they are no longer the absolute power […]

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