February 2011

I acquired much more knowledge and insight about Thailand and its culture during Global Citizenship Week. Bangkok Adventure was an assortment of many different trips and environments. We went to see old ruins, temples, art centers, museums, palaces, and many other fascinating artifacts. We also had the opportunity to experience Thai boxing, Thai massage, and elephant riding, which were all very different from one another. I learned a lot about ancient Thai history and Buddhism. Being Thai myself, I never really knew much about my home country and have never even been to almost all of these places in Thailand. I also learned a whole lot more about myself. After seeing many great pieces of art and architecture, I found myself starting to appreciate them and take interest in them. I finally realized how much work and effort it must have taken to create those masterpieces, and I finally understood how valuable they all were. I definitely grew and changed from this trip. I think I have become slightly more mature because I now see the importance of history and the origins of our surroundings. Maybe before, I would usually be bored and uninterested about the places we visited, but […]

  During the GCW trip “Bangkok adventure” I learned many things about the Thai culture that I may not have learned. I learned about the interesting culture of the ancient and present day Thai people. I was able to visit many ruins of the ancient Thai civilizations. I very much enjoyed this because it enabled me to be able to picture how people lived back then. I also got to see many important buildings that are used today. For example the summer palace in Bang Pa In. We were allowed the honor of looking upon a former king’s throne that was situated in his throne hall. What I noticed is that the building was very European. The same could be said for some of the buildings at the Grand Palace. From these observations I can hopefully make a hypothesis that by King Rama the 5th Thailand was able to receive a lot of European influence. I already knew that the Europeans colonized a lot southeast Asia except Thailand. So I didn’t really think that there could be so much European architecture.  We also visited the Arts and Crafts Center.  There we were able to sculpture our own little statues out […]

My experiences at Bangkok adventure have proved enormously enjoyable, vastly rewarding, and intellectually satisfying. It is with a sense of nostalgic pleasure that I approach my fond memories of our delightful tours at the summer palace and the formidable, imposing Wats of Ayutthaya. I shall endeavour to represent my stupefying, uplifting experiences through the inferior medium of a five hundred word reflection. I have discovered multiply, hitherto unknown facets of my otherwise drab persona. During our delightful stroll through the shady groves of King Chulalongkorn Rama V’s palatial residence, I submerged myself in my love for history. No panegyric suffices to describe the sense contentment I felt, surrounded by the very character of a towering giant in Thailand’s convolutedly colourful history. During our visit to the Grand Palace and the various Wats surrounding Bangkok, I learnt how veneration of the Buddha is an integral part of Thai culture, as is respect for the ancient institutions of the country. I have discovered the depth and brilliance of Buddhism thanks to GCW Bangkok, and cherish my memories of the glittering temples and gilded, venerable, and serene icons of The Buddha through our trip. The opportunity of a traditional Thai massage at Wat […]

From this course I learned about the impotencies’ of Thai culture and how Thai people still value old temples and buildings as a temple or Watt. The Thai culture is very strong in terms of doing what they are told to do based on their religion.  I think it is impressive how Thai people still value their old buildings, Watts, Temples etc. because in most other countries people value just one building but in Thailand they value almost every old building and keep them well maintained.  From this course and over all trip I learned about myself that even though on the outside I may look non interested and such, but looking at all the old temples made me think the time and effort it would take build such a piece of art, so on the inside I think and care of what I am looking at.  I grew an understanding of how Thai culture and religion has a big impact on a Thai’s life.   And grew knowledge of the history of the Thai’s.  I changed my understanding of thinking that Watts were really boring to then learning more about when and who built it, making it very interesting.  The […]

Going around Bangkok with the group has been a wonderful experience this year. Even though I’ve lived in Thailand for my entire life and am Half Thai, I still managed to learn different bits and pieces of culture and history. Due to the fact that I have been living in Bangkok which is an industrialized zone in Thailand, it was very easy for me to get locked up inside of all the technological advancements instead of looking at the big picture which lay just outside the borders of Bangkok. The main concept that I got from GCW was the difference in lifestyles between people living inside the city and just on the outskirts. The people living within the city may have it difficult in terms of earning money for a living. However, due to the education that is available within the city, combined with the technology it is much easier to get a higher pay for your work. While the people outside of the city, have to work on the fields in order to earn money. In some cases, the fields don’t earn enough to support a family which causes the family members to find extra work for example, crafting […]

I learned a lot on the Bangkok Adventure trip. I believe it was the right choice for me seeing how I am a new student at ISB and a new resident of Bangkok.  The GCW trip taught me important history on the city that was otherwise unknown. I liked the set up of different days so that nothing was redundant and it kept the information flowing from each different area we visited. I, along with several of my fellow classmates, was pleased to see that we were not visiting just museums every day. We were seeing so much more than just the “tourist traps” as well. We were able to visit so many more different places that were very interesting and fun.  They gave us a much more detailed idea of the vast history of Thailand and Bangkok. Every day was a different adventure that just kept on getting better and better. Although I knew some of the basic history that was explained, I also learned a lot more than I expected. The vast majority of what I learned on the trip was that of Thailand’s culture. It is a very complex culture that dates very far back in time. […]

Bangkok Adventure is a trip to create a curiosity in the mind of students from different nations to understand the history of Siam! this trip was really exciting and adventurous (as the title explains). i learned a lot about the city of bangkok and its history of how it came into existence, i always thought of this trip to be boring but it turned out to be fun as i went through it. i learned a lot from our tour guides as well as teachers. All the five days of this course were amazing, first day we learned a lot about the ancient city of Ayutthaya, such as the types of architectures used, arts, and the layout of the old city. the second day we actually got to make clay items and obsreve the thai traditional arts and sculptures at the Bangsai arts and crafts institute. The third day turned out to be the best of all, We all students learned Muay thai Boxing at the Muay-Thai Boxing institute. we learned how to control our body and mind as well as developing a focus toward the real art of self defense. our masters taught us about the way a warrior should train and construct his/her […]

The Bangsai Arts and Crafts center where we can learn not only traditional Thailand culture of making ornament which was made of clay but also thinking about the eco way-produce –system.  During this GCW, I was most proud of making something which is very gentle to the earth. The reason I choose this Bangkok Journey course is that I would like to face on the environmental issue at the Bangsai Arts and Crafts Center, because there are something hints to protect our Mother by the old traditional producing systems. The Facility was founded in an effort to preserve the Thai art and cultural heritage and craftsmanship. An extensive range of products and activities which can be seen here are : various forms of basketry, hand-woven silk and cotton and silk dyeing, wood carving, miniature hand-made Thai dolls, furniture making, products made from fabrics and much more. We also had a precious chance to make miniature hand-made Thai dolls.  To my surprised, it is possible to work without using electricity because the ornaments are produced with the machine that makes use of human strength well. (However, though electricity was used with the fan etc.) The productive system for this factory taught how […]

  This trip around Bangkok has been utterly amazing. I learned a lot about Bangkok itself and the few places near it. I was shocked when I first saw the three-headed elephant standing atop of the Erawan Museum. It was made of bronze and it was about 42-metres tall.  I was fascinated with the creativity Thai people had  in their artworks and sculptures. Just like everyone else around the world, Thai people are hardworkers, too; the proof is shown in their work. I absolutely the details, the colors, and the creatures in the artwork.  During the week of the community service trip, I was most proud and happy on the Muay Thai day. It wsa fun to learn Muay Thai moves and blocks; it’ll come in handy for self-defense. We were able to witness a Mua Thai dance and match. To me, the dance was funny once it got to where the man had place his hand in front of his face, as if he was holding a mirror, and he did a hand gesture across and around his head, looking as though he was putting some make-up on. But, then we was told that he was really saying that he has […]

Jerry T GCWBangkok Adventure February 14, 2011 Amazing Muay Thai Boxing In Muay Thai Boxing course, I learned that my participation is more focus when I am in an interesting subject. And I learned that Muay Thai has lots of culture and tradition inside not just only boxing. Muay Thai boxing is popular because even foreigner likes to learn it. I learned that how to display traditional Muay Thai Boxing ceremony. This course had tough me a lot because I can now respect to the Muay Thai traditional culture, through the ceremony in the beginning of the battle. It shows that the respect to the Thai King and the Thai Buddha.  And after the training of boxing, I am able to protect myself, all the punching, and kicking make me protect myself. At the beginning, I thought this course is going to be boring, so I didn’t expect something interesting will happen. But I was wrong, at the moment when we enter the Muay Thai Boxing stadium, I feel like my blood is burning because I saw the people were so eager at practicing. After we start the training I feel more interest on the boxing. When I saw the […]

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