February 2010

WWW Bangkok Adventure Reflection By: Luke Bangkok adventure is a very good trip that takes place all over Bangkok. This trip helps kids learn more about their host country and its culture. During this trip we visited many temples and we learnt about traditional cultures. We also took part in Muy Thai and a traditional […]

The Five Days in Bangkok First off, I would like to say that the trip itself was not what I had expected. In being honest, I didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that I was part of this year’s ‘Bangkok Adventure’; I was more placed into this course without any choice. As I always do, I […]

Even though I am Thai but I was not brought up in Thailand therefore do not know Thailand as much as a normal Thai citizen do. This made me  “you are a foreigner in you home country” according to Mr. Krekel, which I believed is 100% true. However, after WWW I felt that I know […]

people riding on the boat in the floating market

Hi Guys, Apparently I can’t do anything to edit ANY of the posts. If your post happens to have pictures that are large. Make them small please, so that it doesn’t go off the page. Easiest way is to set the image size to “medium”  Once again Thank You Blog Master (Emilio)

At Ancient City (Muang Boran)…   Selling Mango Cameron   Floating Market in Ancient City   Lord Shiva Boats   Thai Style House Top of Ancient City   Structure of Ayuddhaya At Erawan Museum…                


Rangsit Stadium Master Noi is demonstrating “Wai Kru” Two masters using their “Mae Mai Muay Thai” fighting against each other Students group picture with their masters

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