By Andrew K

     I actually didnt want this course to be chosen for me (It was a 3rd choice), but my 1st and 2nd choices were full. I thought I have already visited all the places when I first came to Bangkok, but it turned out to be not true. It was my first time to visit Ayutthaya, Bang Pa-In, Craft Center, Muay Thai Institute, and Erawan Museum, and also it was my first time to experience making clay dolls and plasters and learning Muay Thai. I learned that I should stay with my group at all times so that not only I dont get lost but also my group does not have to worry about me. I also learned not to be overconfident in the fact that Ive already visited a place and that I know about everything, because I learned even more than what I already knew. I thought the trip would be very boring, but I had fun with friends, activities, and, frankly, some of the games I brought along. The hardest thing that I had to endure was to try to listen to boring explanations of places in a scorching heat. Even then, the trip was fun, refreshing, and worthwhile to me.