Reflection on Bangkok Adventure
By Hae In

The truth is, I have been on the same Week Without Walls trip to here, or Thailand, exactly two years before only that I was coming from Dubai back then and that I had no imagination or whatsoever that I would come back here again, to live, actually. It has been less than a month since I came to Thailand to “live” and as a new student, I was still excited yet nervous about everything I was to be faced with, including this very trip. However, the first day of the trip swiftly passed followed by the second, the third, and so on until I realized that I am now sitting down on my couch, writing a reflection. When I look back, everything we saw or did was all cultural experiences: series of temples, royal palaces, traditional arts, Thai massage, and even the Thai boxing which almost killed me. Of course, these are enough sources of learning; however, I would say that what I had enjoyed and learned the most from this trip is those little incidents and jokes that make up a big picture of enjoyment. The trip depends not only on the courses, the schedule, or the hardness. As one of my favorite authors has remarked, the journey of one truly depends on people one goes with and, lastly, the sound of her heartbeat that shows she is “alive”. I had been here before for a same purpose; yet, this trip was another new kind trip after which I am beginning to understand about new experiences that I can only experience from here and with specific people only. I also learned that I could get worried easily but happy on small things could make me happy.