By Andrew N

Coming in this school as a new student I thought to myself that WWW was going be like a dull and an unexciting trip. But no, it was more than just a vacation, it was adventurous, educational, and I met many new people. I will soon find out that half the fun of life is to experience the curiosities this world has to offer and also to interpret and understand the cultures around you, like  Thai culture.

Day 1, we began our journey to Ayudhaya and Bang Pa-In. The funnest part of Ayudhaya to me was going on the elephant ride and enjoying the experience riding on an elephant. In Bang Pa-In was learning the gloomy history of King Rama V losing his love in a sinking boat. Day 2, we adventured off to  Bangsai Arts and Crafts Center. I have to say, that I did not possess the skills of a craftsman. I had quite a good time making clay models and clay sculpting. I admire who have to making a living just creating these sculptures. Day 3, of we went to the Muay Thai Institute and to I though it was the funnest out of all the places we adventured. I used to wrestler for my old high school before I can to ISB so I’m love the intensity muy thai offers. Also seeing the muy thai shows were also interesting as the masters that have committed to muy thai our very passionate in what this martial art has to brings. Day 4, we attended Muang Boran and Erawan Museum. The best part of this trip was learning the ancient beliefs and cultures in the Muang Boran.  Ancient Thai cultures believed and treasured  many spirits and gods and probably still do today. Lastly day 5, we were off to Grand Palace, Wat Po, and Jim Thompson House. I have never seen the biggest Buddha in my life! I mean it was golden and gigantic. Also posing in a relaxing for too. In Wat Po, I had the best thai massage ever! Well my first, best yet thai massage and hopefully I will come back there again. And Jim Thompson house, it was intriguing to see this american contributing and loving thai culture. I mean who wouldn’t! Thailand is has one of the best foods, cultures and the people here are very welcoming.

Overall, this trip was far more expected than I hope it would be. I learned about their great history, their cultures, their beliefs ,their arts and best of all I met new people on the trip. This WWW trip was the best yet and I can’t wait till my next WWW trip because I know adventure is just waiting for me out there.