When i found out that im going to bangkok adventure for week without walls, i thought that im not going to have a good time. But soon i realized that bangkok adventure was actually a really awesome trip and made some new friends. It also exciting was introducing of thai culture.

On day 1, we went to ayutthaya, the former capital city of Thailand. I saw some famous buildings which was pretty cool and getting to ride with the elephants was the best part. next day, we went to make some arts and crafts such as making dolls into clay. At first i struggled to make one but, i got the used of it. On day 3, i went to muay thai institute. It was very fun but it was difficult to learn new moves. On day 4, I went to the anicent city of Muang Boran. It had the floating market which was good. Then my group and i also went to the erwan museum which was a pretty big musuem especially saw how huge the 3 elephants were. Finally on day 5, i went to the grand palace which i saw the huge statue of the Buddha Reclining.

It has been a great experience that not i maked new friends and ate some thai food, but i also visted cities that is outside of Bangkok.  It was really a fantastic week without walls trip and hopefully i can visit these places again in the future.