Going to WWW at Bangkok didn’t sound like fun to me at first but I was wrong. Through out the week we visited places I’ve never been to before. I learned new things about Thailand and the reasons why people from all over the world come. We were like tourist in our own country. I had an amazing experience doing activities at the bang sai arts and craft. Though muay thai was a new experience for me I tried to make it fun by kicking others though the instructor thought I held a grudge against him because I kicked him so hard at the end of the day it was really amazing. During the 4th day of Bangkok adventure we went to muang boran and traveled around the country and visit important places around Thailand in half an hour. I had a really good time there. On the last day of Bangkok adventure we went to the grand palace, wat po and Jim Thompson’s house. Though I rarely go to temples I thought that the grand palace was really beautiful. At wat po we went for a massage, it was really relaxing to finally sleep because the weather was really hot and humid. Last place we went was Jim Thompson’s house. It was a small house but it was famous for its Thai styled house. Our last day ended there and I thought I had an amazing week; this week changed my perspective of Thailand and overall was a great experience for me.