WWW Bangkok Adventure’s trip changed my perspective about my own country. This trip was my forth choice out of five and the truth was I didn’t expect to be in this trip. I was born in Thailand and live here for my whole life; therefore, I wasn’t excited to be in this trip. But as our groups spent five days travel around Bangkok, I realized that I’ve never been to those places before. At that moment I found the answer that why there are so many foreigners travel to Thailand. It’s not because that Thai girls are hot and many foreigners like them, but it’s because our culture and traditions that attracted those people. During the trip, I had an opportunity to go to many places such as Ayutthaya, Bangsai Arts & Crafts, Muay Thai institute, Mueang Boran & Erawan Museum, Wat Po and Jim Thompson. The most proud thing that I’ve done so far was Muay Thai. Muay Thai was the most dangerous things ever. I had opportunity to learn basics of Muay Thai such as punch, kick, elbow and knee. I was taught by master “Noi” that every part of our body can be dangerous weapons if we know how to use them in the fight. I really love muay thai. Finally, I realized that this trip could be the best trip ever in WWW.