The trip on WWW, Bangkok Adventure wasn’t what I had expected to be. At first, I thought that this trip would be boring and meaningless. However, after walking around Bangkok for five days and learning the history about Bangkok which I didn’t know before changed my perspective of the trip. All the activities that were arranged had a meaning to it, it helps us learn the history of our own country and how it came to what it is now. Even though I have been in Thailand for the past 15 years, thought I knew and have been to all the places, yet, I was wrong. According to Mr. Krekel, I am “a foreigner in my own country”. During this time, we’ve been to many Wats, temple, and it’s something I would not normally do. Therefore, I was glad that I was given this chance. From this trip, I was able to experience stuff that I’ve not done before. For example, Thai massage, at first I was kind of scared because I didn’t like the feeling of other people “touching” all over me. Once again, my point of view changed after I experienced it myself, it felt good. In general, I was delighted to be placed on this trip. The trip gave my life a new experience.