An Anecdote of Bangkok
By Emilio

The moment I stepped into the bus on the first day of Bangkok Adventure, I thought that this was never going to end. After the last bus stop, I thought I was going to miss this trip a lot. There were a lot of experiences that can never be forgotten. I realize the trip was not only about sight seeing. There was more to it than that. We as a group learned something as well. We learned from the Thai history to how to make some new friends. WWW Bangkok Adventure was a worthwhile and meaningful experience although it did not last for a very long time. Each day through out the trip, I learned something new. I find that the history is important, because it can influence us in various ways. The next day, I learned how to engage in hands on activities because before I was not so involved in these kinds of activities. In general, I did learn some history in the trip but I also learned how to be conscientious in my actions and to also have fun. Meeting new people in the trip, was a bit difficult, but at the end, I managed. It takes confidence and I grew in confidence when I stepped out of my “comfort zone” to just meet these new people in the trip. I made new friends and we did have fun together. I can’t compare any of the experiences that I had in the trip. They were all fun, and I’m proud of them all. The most challenging part of the course was to stay in contact with the group. It takes responsibility to do such a thing. If something goes wrong, then one of us would be blamed and it is not a nice experience. We also have to have attitude, because if we don’t then we make the trip look “bad” and also we make our selves look “bad”. Overall, I thought WWW Bangkok Adventure was a worthwhile and fun trip. It won’t be forgotten because who knows I might do the same things they do in Bangkok Adventure again.