The Five Days in Bangkok

First off, I would like to say that the trip itself was not what I had expected. In being honest, I didn’t particularly enjoy the fact that I was part of this year’s ‘Bangkok Adventure’; I was more placed into this course without any choice. As I always do, I tried not to have any expectations and I tried not to think anything negative or demeaning. And yet, my strategic plan has once again worked out as I expected it to: the trip wasn’t all that bad. In being positive, the activities were meaningful and did have a small history lesson to them. The accommodations and travel guidance was not all that bad, quite good actually. But when there is something positive to say, there must be something negative. Unfortunately I have been to all the placed we visited in Bangkok and the surrounding places. That meant that nothing was new to me and I wasn’t able to learn many new things, only facts that I have repeatedly heard even when I wasn’t at that specific location. I’m sorry to have to say this, but the tour guide did and adequate job of informing us and was more or less telling us on what to do rather than educating us about certain Thai history. The first two days were as I have stated earlier, adequate, as were the last two. But the highlight was definitely the third day in which we spent the whole day learning and practicing the Thai boxing called Muay Thai. I would like to thank anyone who has made an effort in preparing this trip and hope that in the future other students will have a better time than I had.


Grade 10

February 15, 2010