In the five weeks that traveled around Bangkok, I felt as if I was participating in a tour group visiting another country. This trip was chosen as a fifth choice in my WWW registration and also the only non-communinty service choice. In this trip, the guides were good and could speak decent English. The food mostly tasted nice and the transportation was somewhat comfortable. I learned that if I do not participate in a group during the tour the group lags behind schedule and falls apart until the person in charge comes and brings order. Also I learned a lot about Thailand’s history that I didn’t know before. The guide talked about the ancient leaders and founders of Siam and also the war between the Thais and the Burmese long time ago. I also learned that straying off path or forgetting the instruction of the tour guide would get you into trouble. During the week, I think the course that I enjoyed most was on the third day when we had to do some Muay Thai training which was also the course that was the most challenging and also the course that I was proudest of. For the other four days, they were kind of lower than my expectations for this trip. But in the end, everything in this trip was worth coming for and I had a fun time.