Bangkok Adventure was my first WWW in high school. I didn’t expect much from this trip, since I was from Thailand, but I was wrong. I learnt a lot from this trip and got to see many new places I’ve never been to. As it turned out, the many of the Thais who attended this trip was accused as being “a foreigner in your own country” by Mr Krekel, and it was partially true too. I felt like I was a foreigner in my own country. During the trip, we went to Ayutthaya & Bang Pain and learnt about Thai history and saw ancient ruins, then Bangsai Arts & Crafts and learnt about Thai culture and arts, after was Muay Thai where we learnt how to defend ourselves the Thai way, Mueang Boran & Chaang Erawan Museum where we learn about Thai traditions and different parts of Thailand and lastly Wat Po and Jim Thompson where we learnt about religion and the valuables of Thailand (silk) and got to massage. I learnt a lot of new things about Thailand by taking part of this course. The proudest thing that I’ve done would be the skills that I’ve learnt from Bangsai and Muay Thai. The experience was pretty similar to what I’ve expected because I had been living in Thailand for quite a while. The most challenging of this course was the heat we had to deal with during the trip. But overall, Bangkok Adventure was a great experience for me.


Grade 9