February 2010

By Andrew K      I actually didn’t want this course to be chosen for me (It was a 3rd choice), but my 1st and 2nd choices were full. I thought I have already visited all the places when I first came to Bangkok, but it turned out to be not true. It was my first […]

By Andrew N Coming in this school as a new student I thought to myself that WWW was going be like a dull and an unexciting trip. But no, it was more than just a vacation, it was adventurous, educational, and I met many new people. I will soon find out that half the fun […]

Reflection on Bangkok Adventure By Hae In The truth is, I have been on the same Week Without Walls trip to here, or Thailand, exactly two years before only that I was coming from Dubai back then and that I had no imagination or whatsoever that I would come back here again, to live, actually. […]

Going to WWW at Bangkok didn’t sound like fun to me at first but I was wrong. Through out the week we visited places I’ve never been to before. I learned new things about Thailand and the reasons why people from all over the world come. We were like tourist in our own country. I […]

When i found out that im going to bangkok adventure for week without walls, i thought that im not going to have a good time. But soon i realized that bangkok adventure was actually a really awesome trip and made some new friends. It also exciting was introducing of thai culture. On day 1, we […]

WWW Bangkok Adventure’s trip changed my perspective about my own country. This trip was my forth choice out of five and the truth was I didn’t expect to be in this trip. I was born in Thailand and live here for my whole life; therefore, I wasn’t excited to be in this trip. But as […]

Bangkok Adventure was my first WWW in high school. I didn’t expect much from this trip, since I was from Thailand, but I was wrong. I learnt a lot from this trip and got to see many new places I’ve never been to. As it turned out, the many of the Thais who attended this […]

The trip on WWW, Bangkok Adventure wasn’t what I had expected to be. At first, I thought that this trip would be boring and meaningless. However, after walking around Bangkok for five days and learning the history about Bangkok which I didn’t know before changed my perspective of the trip. All the activities that were […]

In the five weeks that traveled around Bangkok, I felt as if I was participating in a tour group visiting another country. This trip was chosen as a fifth choice in my WWW registration and also the only non-communinty service choice. In this trip, the guides were good and could speak decent English. The food mostly tasted nice and the transportation was […]

An Anecdote of Bangkok By Emilio The moment I stepped into the bus on the first day of Bangkok Adventure, I thought that this was never going to end. After the last bus stop, I thought I was going to miss this trip a lot. There were a lot of experiences that can never be […]

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