My first week in Middle School was really busy I rarely had time in between classes.Also, there are new teachers, new classes, new rules, new friends, and of course new activities. I think that a metaphor is when you compare a thing you don’t really have a clear picture of, with a thing you are sure you now about. The way I chose my metaphor is because since we are in Bangkok and the city was busy and there are a lot of cars, that made me come up with the idea of  choosing a city as my background and the base for my metaphor. The connection of middle school with my metaphor is since  I never came  to middle school, its as if I walk into a city I never visited (except for bridge day.) Another connection, is that middle school is busy and there are a lot of people talking so that compares to cars honking their horn nosily.



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I think that the best part about grade 4 was that I was lucky to have a awesome teacher like Ms.Bellone. Ms.Bellone is so nice our class has special privelages like playing games getting homework passes. I think everybody in my class agrees.

I have made lots of friends in the time I have been here and I fit very well my class, I think that having friends is very important in life.

I think that being in 4th grade means quite a lot because next year we are 5th graders at the very top of elemantary school and the little kids look up to us like giants.

A very fun part was the 4th grade book awards we found out which books got voted the winner in there topic it is fun because we did not know who won so it was a surprise.

Bye till next year adam

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I think that some areas of the world are richer than others, because of what kind of people live there, and what kind of taxes they pay. In america, the government lives mostly of the taxes of the people. While in richer countries, there are less taxes, indicating that the governments in those areas are poorer. In short, the governments depend on the people to make themselves richer.

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My academic goals

  • To get an A or B on my grade.
  • Learn more about this subject to get good at this.
  • Get more skills to prove this subject. Like writing, spelling, and reading.

My social goal

  • To recognize how the world is going on and how the world will happen in the future.

My personal goal

  • To learn more vocabularies to get good of English. And especially don’t forget my homework.


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GCW Bangkok adventure tour

                      Yu Sumita

 To be honest, I wanted to choice another course of GCW, because there are no Japanee and no friends. But now I think to choice this course is very good for me, because I could learn Thai culture and many kinds of point of views. I always speak Japanese with my friends in ISB, so this situation was ideal for learning English. But l was very tired. I could experience and learn a lot of thing. I’ll explain them.


Day1, I arrived at ISB I am under extreme tension. To be honest, I didn’t go to GCW, because there are no Japanese or friends. Also I can’t speak English. That was too bad. Member of Bangkok Adventure came, and we rode the bus. Of course, I was lonely.

In the bus, I found a person who is sitting alone. I thought “He must be a new student”. I screwed up my courage to speak to him. After speaking to him, Unexpectedly, I and he became friendly and talk happily. After that I knew two people and we became friend. It fact relieved me. After that, we often do something together during GCW.

First, we went to Ayudhaya. We visited the Thai temple. It looks very old, but it was mysterious place for me. It was made of stone. This is rare for me, because Japanese temples are made of wood. I felt difference between Japan and another country. Next we had lunch. After lunch, we rode on an elephant. Of course, it was first time. It was very fun, but it was little scary because of height and sway. Then we went home. I learned body language is very important for communication. And


Day 2, we visited the Crafts Center and make a dish. It was very difficult. When can I get Thai item which I made. I couldn’t make good one, but I want to get early. It is strange.  After that, we see how Thai items which are made of  are made. I want to see the dish which I made. And we went to the home. To be honest, Day 2 was not interesting.


Day 3, we play Thai boxing. I got off the bus in front of the gym for Thai boxing. It looks very old, but it made me to feel dignity. Suddenly big shout boom out from the gym! I was very surprised. And then I braced myself silently and entered the gym. We were taught Thai people. We can’t communicate very well, because they and I can’t speak English very well. But by having attitude to talk actively and use body language, we could understand what they say.  The heart to speak to actively is one of the most important elements of communication. Of course, training was very hard. After that we couldn’t talk cheerfully. I wanted to play Thai boxing once, so it was very interesting, but I don’t want to do again. At first I thought that Thai people are little scary, but I noticed it is foolish mistake at GCW. Thai people are very kind.


Day 4, we visited the Museum and famous Thai temples. The museum was very very  large. I have never seen very big museum like this in Japan. Sometimes I saw the guards. They have a gun!!! I was surprised. I could understand that here is not japan, but it was very scary. I wanted to ran away. I don’ want to see the gun. After that, we went to Thai temple. But I can’t understand the difference between the other temples and palace and this temple. To be honest, I was tired of sightseeing, but to talk with friends was very fun. In foundation class, I can’t get chance to speak with foreign people nearly. So I could talk with foreign people during the GCW. It is very important experience for me.


Last day, we went to palace and experienced Thai massage. As I said, I don’t like sightseeing. But Thai massage was very nice. Sometime my body made sounds. It was little scary, but it was comfortable and I could relax and calm down. I want to experience Thai massage more long time. Someday I want to go with my family. After that we went to Jim Thompson House Museum and heard history of Thai furniture.


Throughout this GCW, I learned body language and attitude to speak to actively is very important for communication with foreign people. And I think English is very very important again. I thought I must study English ordinarily before GCW, but now I think

I must study very hard. I can’t speak less than I think. Also I don’t like Thai, but by experience Thai culture and learn Thai history, I can feel affection for Thailand. This is very important for living in Thailand. In this way, I learned many important things. This is very important experience and precious memory for me.

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Bangkok Adventure 2012 was a great experience and I have learned many things about the cuisine, culture, and myself. First it was painfully obvious rice tends to be a main factor in most meals. I also learned that seafood is also very common along with chicken and pork in the typical cuisine. The culture is very generous and sharing. For instance most of the time when we ate we would share dishes and not just order our very own. They also kept coming back with more and more food. There were also many street venders and small stores that occupied the sidewalks and outer streets. Lastly I learned that I need to try new things more often and start to become a bit more open-minded. I also learned that Thai architecture is both beautiful, complex, and takes an imaginative and dedicated people to make. The one thing, throughout this whole week, that I am most proud of is that I ate rice at every meal. I am pretty close minded and haven’t tried rice in 7 years so I was very proud that I both tried and ate the rice without gagging or throwing up. This course was pretty much what I had expected, but with one difference. I figured we would be ordering our own food, and therefore have more than 1 option. I was wrong. By far the most challenging part of this course was the cuisine. To put it plainly I’m picky about food. All of the seafood, fish eggs, and spicy vegetable-shrimp soup just didn’t appeal to me.  Overall Bangkok adventure was a great experience. I would highly recommend this course to any people who are new to Thailand.

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During this week we learned many things about the Thai culture and also being able to participate in these activities. During the 5 days of our adventure we went to many places, Ayudtaya, Bang Pi Inn Palace, Bangsai Arts and Craft Center, Muay Thai, Erawan Museum, Floating Market, houses and temples around the floating market, and finally the Grand palace, Thai massage and the Jim Thompson house. This adventure I learned some things about the course, what day I was the proudest at, how this experience was similar or different than I expected and I found out the most challenging part of this course.

From this course I learned about a little more about the culture that I participated in and a little of my participation in my group. Starting off into the week we went right into the culture, Ayudtaya is a place that shows a once beauty and destruction. This place was huge and when you see the model of this place you have a good sense of how the Thai people built the temples and monuments. Another place that really shows the culture of the Thai people back in the day is the Muay Thai arena and the Grand Palace. The Muay Thai arena showed the history of Muay Thai. Muay Thai has been part of the culture of Thai people for a long time. Armies trained in Muay Thai and this contact sport has been a major entertainment to the Thai people. Now the Grand Palace really shows a lot of the culture. The Palace itself shows the ingenuity of the architects. The palace is huge and very pretty also the grand Palace show part of their history and religion. The walls are painted with their history however it is depicted with monkeys, demons and gods. The religion piece is the emerald Buddha and the walls. Since the Thai are Buddhist the emerald Buddha really shows their religion.

The day I was the proudest in the week was also part of the challenging aspect. This day was when we did Muay Thai; this was by far the best thing we did during this week. We all got a workout while having a lot of fun. Also it wasn’t weighted to a gender, meaning both boys and girls in this course had fun. This is my best day because I got to hit a bag, have fun with my friends and watch a match. But like every day there was the same challenging part. To start it was the heat; besides the few fans in most places it was very hot. Another challenging aspect was always eating Thai food. Eating the rice everyday with chicken, seafood or pork got really old. I think at the end of this week we all had gotten tired of the Thai food. The Muay Thai really got me into it and I think that in the summer I am going to join and practice Muay Thai.

This course was almost to what I expected. Before I did not know the places that we would go until the second meeting. But when I heard of what we were going to do I was not really surprised, these places really show the culture of the Thai people. I thought the choices of these places could not be more perfect.  What I did not expect was the activities that we would participate in. like when we went to the Bangsai arts and crafts center, we made candles! Another was I kind of knew somehow that we were always going to eat Thai food. Really I did not expect what we did during the week. It was very fun and entertaining.

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