My first week in Middle School was really busy I rarely had time in between classes.Also, there are new teachers, new classes, new rules, new friends, and of course new activities. I think that a metaphor is when you compare a thing you don’t really have a clear picture of, with a thing you are sure you now about. The way I chose my metaphor is because since we are in Bangkok and the city was busy and there are a lot of cars, that made me come up with the idea of  choosing a city as my background and the base for my metaphor. The connection of middle school with my metaphor is since  I never came  to middle school, its as if I walk into a city I never visited (except for bridge day.) Another connection, is that middle school is busy and there are a lot of people talking so that compares to cars honking their horn nosily.



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I think that the best part about grade 4 was that I was lucky to have a awesome teacher like Ms.Bellone. Ms.Bellone is so nice our class has special privelages like playing games getting homework passes. I think everybody in my class agrees.

I have made lots of friends in the time I have been here and I fit very well my class, I think that having friends is very important in life.

I think that being in 4th grade means quite a lot because next year we are 5th graders at the very top of elemantary school and the little kids look up to us like giants.

A very fun part was the 4th grade book awards we found out which books got voted the winner in there topic it is fun because we did not know who won so it was a surprise.

Bye till next year adam

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I think that some areas of the world are richer than others, because of what kind of people live there, and what kind of taxes they pay. In america, the government lives mostly of the taxes of the people. While in richer countries, there are less taxes, indicating that the governments in those areas are poorer. In short, the governments depend on the people to make themselves richer.

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My academic goals

  • To get an A or B on my grade.
  • Learn more about this subject to get good at this.
  • Get more skills to prove this subject. Like writing, spelling, and reading.

My social goal

  • To recognize how the world is going on and how the world will happen in the future.

My personal goal

  • To learn more vocabularies to get good of English. And especially don’t forget my homework.


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            At the start of this great adventure, I had no idea what I was doing. When the students from a Thai school up north walked in, I was sure I was in trouble. I’ve been here in Thailand for about 7 months and speak about as much Thai as they speak English. We started out with choppy introductions in each others’ language, the girl I was partnered with for the next week was named Prim, a 16 year old with a large pink watch. After an hour long lecture from our host and teacher, Mr. Hochberg, we got started on our drawings. Prim was a natural, creating detailed masterpieces in a matter of minutes. And me, wow I can’t draw rings to save my life, even though that was what we were casting. After a day full of crumpled papers and broken pencils, I left there with a great piece of work. Day two, I got to school late and without my permission, and was forced to spring home and grab it. The permission form was my pass to the college field trip that took up our entire day. We saw incredible wax carvings with incredulous detail. They taught us about wax carving and metal casting, and even showed us some completed works. I left the school inspired, and motivated to work hard the coming days. Day three and four both passed by with my carving increasing in detail. My friendship with Prim and with all the students around me grew even more so. can’t remember a better spent week than the week I was forced to spend 45 hours on one wax drawing in a barely air conditioned room. But in truth, I enjoyed this time immensely. I hope to do the same trip next year and maybe even the year after that. Anyone who bothered to read this dreary post, and if you’re still reading, I recommend this trip to you no matter who you are. You’ll enjoy the bond carved between completely different nationalities, but such close friends.

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Sangheun Lee

GCW Reflection


            So here am I, at the edge of the last trip of my 4 years of high school. Since it was my last trip, my plan was to just have fun without any concern. However, one thing crashed my hope and I had to stick in Nichada. Was it bad? No, it was actually one of the greatest experience I have ever had.

Due to my suspension from last GCW trip, I did not have any choice but to go to in-Bangkok and non-overnight trip. My last chance to enjoy myself with my peers has been taken away due to my mistake. The first day I came to school feeling depressed, I thought to myself ‘what am I doing here alone?’. However, there was one incident that not only proved me wrong but also made me feel like such a jerk. There were 10 Thai students from Isan, waited for me to make jewelry with me. Their smiles were so innocent that made me feel terrible since I had been thinking the trip was going to be a hell for me. So starting from second day, we started our work and this surprised me as well. Thai students, who have never worked with sophisticated tools in ISB and have never learned how to draw design of the jewelry, were actually much better than normal ISB students. They spent whole day which is 7 hours only for drawing a design for their jewelry while normal ISB kids spent less than 1 hour and ignored their mistakes in the designs. Obviously, as soon as the ISB kids started work, they made mistakes. Even after our supervisor told them over and over, ISB kids just would not listen and made same mistakes. The work started show the difference between patient and careful Thai students and impatient ISB kids. The work of Thai students were just so magnificent and beautiful that even with thousands words, their beauty cannot be expressed while ISB kids were proud of their hasty work.

On the last day, Thai students shyly came up to us and asked for our E-mail address and Facebook account. They were willing to keep in touch with us even after the GCW trip. They did not want to miss great opportunity to make new relationships while ISB kids were cynical about the idea saying “what? Do you really care about this trip?”.  I was ashamed for the ignorant attitude of ISB kids. Their rich environment and too much loving parents ruined their personality and ability to interact socially.

It was a great opportunity to see how environment of the people can ruin people and to realize the generalization of ‘better environment makes better persons’ is hypocritically reflecting this society. Moreover, it was great chance to learn how foolish I was for believing I was the unhappiest person in the world just for not going to the overnight trip before I met the students from Isan.

Word count 499

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During GCW (Global citizenship week), I was doing the Partnership in Art. The purpose of the GCW is that the high school students that involves outside-of-the-classroom learning experiences. I think we were succeed our resolution, because I could communicated with Thai students who are from Isan, and I could learned many different cultures from them during GCW.
I was expected this course that we worked inside the jewelry class to create the ring, then we just doing their own individual work. However the reality is not same, it is totally different from what I expected this course.
First day of my GCW, we were introduce ourselves, then they made a plan of rings by drawing on the paper. Some students felt very difficult to painting their art because we should make exactly same ring by wax. Also I felt very difficult to painting on the paper, however my partner, Nef, draw the amazing ring on her paper, I was very surprised that her creativity and her drawing picture because I never thought her ideas and she is very good at to drawing.
Second day of our GCW, some students absents because they had a fever. Some Thai students tried to talk with me when we go to the Queens school which school can attended only superior student who is very good at their art skill. However they could not speak English very well, so sometimes they are speaking Thai, and I should tried to understand what they are talking about. When we reached Queens school, we were watched their works. It was very amazing design, I was very surprised their works, also some students taking the photos of their work. After we saw their work, we went to ring shop. The ring shop has a lot of rings, these are very creative and very beautiful design. We got a lot of ideas during second day.
The third day of GCW, that day was the most challenging part of this course for me. Day three, we were staying our work room then make our original rings. My partner tried to talk to me sometimes, also other Thai students talked to me during working time. I could give to them some advices, but sometimes I could not give them some advices to them. During lunch time, we ate lunch on the same table with Thai students, we asked to them that what did they do last night, and asked their city. When we finished our working, we played soccer on the ground. Also the purpose of this course is communicate each other, I think that day was a good for reached our objective.
The fourth day of our GCW, we were stay in the our jewelry class then work inside the room again. However some students finished their work, so they decided to make other rings. Some of Thai students tried to talk to me sometimes, I think most of students feel comfortable to talk with ISB students. Some Thai students talked to us more activate, but some Thai students still fell shy. During after school, we played soccer again, some students went to ISB students house to play each other.
Last day of our GCW, we worked to make rings in jewelry class again. However, we took a lot of pictures for our memories. My teacher took the picture of us with our rings, I took picture with my partner and other students.
From my GCW, I learned the importance of communication, and I need to show more respectfulness for Thailand. I am very quiet students, and usually I do not asked to help my work to other students even though they are friends. However I think if I could not ask any help from other students and teachers, I do not think I could finish my work. Also I had a difficult time to communicate with Thai students. I lived in Thailand for four years, but I could not speak Thai. From this experience, I learned that I need to learn Thai more and more. I know this is an international school, so I do not have a chance to use Thai. On the other hand, I lived in Thailand, thus I need to learn Thai. In conclusion, I learned from this GCW that I need to learn Thai because of show the respect to Thailand, and I could improve my communication skill by talked with other students. Both of things cannot do in school live, therefore I am very appreciated to had this event, and I think I had a great time of last chance of my GCW.




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