Poems 1-3#

Poem 1 – Curiosity

A word used to describe

Curious people

Curious people

People who question reality

Hungry for secrets

Starving for more

If a tree falls in a forest

And no one is there to hear it

Does it still make a sound


Questions don’t have answers.

Poem 2 – Stars


A body of individuals

Controlling glistening beacons

Part of them

Rebels ‘different’

And the remaining

Making symbols and gestures

Sticking and fitting in with one another


Poem 3 – A Place of the Safest Sounds

Free me

Take Me

To a place

With crackling heat

Inviting weaved silk

My place

Our place

A place of the safest sounds



My Poem Recitation

A Place of the Safest Sounds

Free me

Take me away

To the place

With crackling heat

Silky smooth cloths

Happy corridors

And a barrier between the outside world

My place

Our place

A place of the safest sounds


Provide a text reference where TONE is expressed and explain:
(My place, our place, a place of the safest sounds). It has a calming tone. Because safe is usually associated with calm.
Provide a text reference where MOOD is expressed and explain:
(With crackling heat, and silky smooth cloths.) Here it makes the reader feel safe, because these are mostly calming things that make you feel at home.
Provide text references where at least TWO POETIC DEVICES is used and explain:
Happy corridors – Metaphor. Because corridors can’t have feelings.

Silky smooth – Alliterations. Because “Silky” and then “Smooth”.

What Adversity is to Me

In class we have been learning about adversity. Everyone in the class has made a metaphor. The metaphor was to support what adversity is to you.

PicCollageTo me adversity is like treasure hunting. I think this because you may never find the treasure that you are looking for, which is bad. Some people might not believe that you can find the treasure that you are looking for. But, in the end if you keep on searching for the treasure, you will overcome it and find the hidden treasure.




Healthy, Active, And a Balanced Life

In Thailand, there is a celebration called Songkran. Songkran is a special celebration that the Thai tradition celebrates. At I.S.B the kids got a week off. They celebrate it by spraying and splashing people on the streets, and kids have lots of fun. Most kids go on vacation, and some stay in Thailand and some go out of Thailand. Over Songkran break I have been active by going running every other day for about thirty minutes. I was healthy because I would eat healthy everyday with some vegetables and grains. Also I played outside and did not stay in the whole day. And I was balanced because I played games with my family, which was very fun. We would play after we ate dinner. And we all went running and raced to the end. We also went to Hua Hin for three days. It was really fun.

Fantasy Reflection

Deep in Sea

By Ezekiel


The Sunny Day Cruise came to rumbling stop, the engines flickered off. Travis stared at the yellow canoe, above the sparkling water. He was standing behind a rope which blocked him from falling into the water. He went into the canoe one foot after the other. Be careful he thought to himself. You don’t want to fall in, but if I did no one would probably notice. He got in the canoe and started paddling, and soon the rest of the passengers on the cruise boarded their own canoes. “Don’t fall in,” His mom warned. They kept paddling until they came to a stop. There guide now started to lead them, but Travis was getting tired. Everyone started to pass him, they seemed to be whizzing by Travis like fish in a shark attack. The waves started to get more and more wavy, the water was shaking Travis’s canoe.

“Uh – oh,” Travis whispered to himself, The next thing he knew he heard a loud splash and water dashed into his face.

He took his final breath and fell over. He felt as if he were getting heavier and heavier. From experience of being in water Travis knew he would float back to the surface. But he kept sinking, going deeper,and deeper, and deeper. The light started to fade, he closed his eyes and tried rubbing them as if it were a dream. But when he opened them there was no more darkness, there was light. “What happened?”  Uh-oh I’m going to run out of air, He thought. He opened his mouth and expected water to flood in, but when he did nothing came inside, he could breathe. “Where am I?” He questioned himself

“Atlantis,” A girl like voice answered, Travis turned around and got ready to defend himself.

“Who are you,” He questioned her

“I’m Holly,” The girl replied, but Travis seemed to question her looking at her feet well not exactly feet. More like flippers, She was wearing a gray T shirt that had stripes of black. Her eyes were brown, and her hair was dark brown. And her tail was green, Travis was starting to back up from the horror from what he thought was a mermaid. Mermaids don’t exist, He kept repeating in his mind.

“It’s not everyday people like me get to see an overworlder,” Holly cheered, Travis was feeling the exact same way, he finally got  the courage to ask what the term overworlder meant,

“What does that mean?”

“People who come from up above,” Holly gestured up, Travis could see sunlight like on land, but it seemed to ripple like water and he could see bits and patches of sand in the air.

“So what is this Atlantis?”

“Atlantis, the underwater city, but it’s not at it’s best,”

“Why not?”

“Dark lord Ezra has been attacking us, he has invented a source of magic that will do something bad but no one knows, the prophecy said that only a human can take down the magic,” “So you can help, Ezra would never expect an overworlder to actually come,” Holly brought up, Holly knew that she was not telling his something but it did not matter at the time.

“I don’t know, I am usually not really asked to do this stuff,” Travis replied, but he was still wondering what this place is, but he did not say it outloud.

“Come on I know we could do it,” Holly was trying to lure him in,” Please, please, please, please, pleeeease,” She begged

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Travis said, he thought, why not give it a try.


Soon after meeting Holly, Travis followed her until they came to a wall that arched over and connected with a wall that circled around. It looked pretty new, it was made out of marble and had seashell patterns, and a golden golden door.

Suddenly he heard “Put this on,” Holly held up a mermaid tail that seemed almost real. “Don’t worry it’s fake, but real enough to seem believable,”

“Why do you have a fake tail,” Travis asked,

“Just incase someone like you came, I’m the only one in the village who believes your real.” “If anyone asks you anything I will cover it up.” They went inside,

“They’re just like us,” Travis gasped, they were setting up booths, talking to each other, buying stuff.

“The first place we should go is the blacksmiths,” Holly said dragging Travis with her. Travis could hear them talking it sounded like flies surrounding honey. They then came to a cave with a wooden floor and a silver counter.

“Hello,” Welcome to the blacksmith shop where we can build or get anything you want of metal,” A merman said. He was wearing a brown shirt and carried a hammer, that looked bigger than most hammers.

“We would like two swords please,” Holly ordered, The mermans expression went from welcoming to confused. Travis knew why, if a little girl came up to him and asked for two swords then he would even be even confused.

“Why do you need two swords just for one little girl?” The merman questioned

“Well I’m not alone, my friend Travis is here to,” Holly gestured towards Travis.

“Oh I did not see you there,” The merman said surprised, “Nice to meet you I’m Sam.”

“It’s fine,” Travis said, “It’s not like anyone ever does,” Travis mumbled.

“Sorry, what was that?” Sam asked,

“Nothing it’s fine,” Travis quickly answered.

“So about those swords,” Holly questioned,

“Well I guess if you need them,” Sam went to the back of his store pulled out two swords and and gave them to Holly. “Thanks,” Holly said. So they headed off. When all of a sudden Travis felt a blasting surge throughout his chest. He put his hand on his chest.“What happened?” Holly asked,

“I don’t know but I’m better now,”Travis replied, and they continued towards the gate of Atlantis.

They started to approach the cavern“It’s so heavy,” Holly complained,

“It’s fine Holly,” Travis said, they could see a towering mountain underwater. It was the coldest, most darkest, scariest place Travis has ever been to. “Why is it so cold?” Travis asked, “Also can I take off the tail know.”

“This is the dark side of Atlantis and no one knows what’s over there,” Holly started to shiver, “And yeah, you can take it off,” Travis took off the tail and walked over into the dark side. It was slippery like walking on ice, “Travis try swimming up.” Holly suggested. He did he was floating, he could not keep it for long and fell to his knees. The ice shattered, he could hear the ice starting to regrow but it already did!

“Weird!” Travis yelled, He kept going deeper and deeper he grew goosebumps all over. The cold started to get to him he got sleepier and sleepier, he got to metal door in the front of the cave. He put his hand on it, “Ouch,” Travis yelped, it felt like putting his hand on a piece of dry ice. He quickly got his sword and slammed the knob, it snapped. The door then creaked open.

They were in and felt a weird feeling

Suddenly a shadowy figure leaped at him, it stopped right in front of travis. It was man with a shark fin on his back and brown pants, his hands had sharp claws as fingernails, he had gills on the place his ribcage was. His tail was wagging slowly side to side. His skin felt like sandpaper, his eyes pitch black, his hair was spiky and dark brown. The scariest of all, his teeth they shined in the light and were big compared to human teeth, they were sharp as daggers and they were pure white. He was carrying a silver staff with a glowing dark purple stone at the end. He looked mad, Travis was frozen with fear. “Hello Travis, I’ve been expecting you,” The sharkman said with a deep and scary voice. His claws started to put pressure on Travis’s skin,

“W-who are you?” Travis asked, What’s happening? Travis thought

“You have not heard of me,” The sharkman said with a scary smile, “I’m sure this little girl has.” The sharkman swam quickly towards Holly, “So what’s my name?”The sharkman started to bring his claws towards her throat.

“Uh, Ezra?” Holly closed her eyes,

“Correct,” Ezra grinned, He got his staff and released a pulse of darkness and Travis got the same blast through his chest but this time way stronger, Travis got blasted back and felt numb in his legs and arms.

“So it was you,”Holly noticed, “I knew it was you all along.” Ezra swam as quick as a rocket and made his claws almost touch Holly chest. “Please don’t kill me,” Holly yelled.

“I let you go this time,” “But do that again and you’re dead,” Ezra threatened . “Ah little Travis it is time for me to deal with you,” “Everyone on earth will feel my wrath, because with this stone I can wipe out the human race,” Ezra started to chant some strange words and mist was emitted out of the stone. It was a portal, “When I release my final blast it will wipe out humanity, everyone does not care where you are in fact they never even noticed that you are lost, everyone knows that you can’t do anything, and that you are never ever going to be noticed.” Ezra convinced, he caressed his stone and waved it at the door and the door regrew a giant orb started to form around Ezra. The air started to get thicker and thicker, dark mist surrounded Ezra making his skin look like knifes in the dark. Travis fell to his knees, he put his face to his knees and curled into a ball, he felt as if his spirit had been broken and his heart was empty.
The cave was starting to look scarier and scarier. They started to look like ants compared to it. They were getting freaked out by all of the darkness. Travis was starting to feel pain in his eyes from crying. “Don’t listen to what he says,” Holly comforted, “You are noticed by someone, and thats me.” Travis lifted his head and pulled out every bit of his courage to stand up, he grabbed his sword,

“Hey Ezra can you notice this, I don’t care what you think,” Travis grabbed his sword and swung it with all his might but Ezra quickly dodged.

“You pathetic human, you really think you can defeat me,” Ezra laughed. Holly dashed at Ezra from the side but Ezra dodged… Right into Travis’s sword. “No how could this be, I was tricked,” Ezra yelled, he then disappeared into thin air. Leaving a salty smell in the air. The scepter dropped on to the ground making a SLAM!

“We did it Holly! We did it,” Travis yelled

“We sure did,” Holly cheered, now before we get to happy, there is something I forgot to tell you. When the scepter is said to be destroyed it will get rid of the person who destroys it.

“So that means…” Travis stumbled,

“Yes,”Holly confessed. “But maybe it won’t work,” Holly guessed.

“Or I will get VAPORIZED!” Travis yelled, “but I guess it’s what I have to do,” he grabbed the cold scepter making his hand shiver. He aimed it down took a breath, Holly crossed her fingers that he won’t die. You can do this Travis thought, He swung it towards the ground there was a flash of light and a loud crash! … but everything disappeared.


Travis was blinded he ended up on a canoe, but it was the same boat. He looked around “where am I,” He questioned himself, it looked like earth! And the same exact place he fell into Atlantis, but this time he was just getting off of the cruise. “YES!” Travis cheered, “I was not destroyed,” “Wait, that means, I did it!” Travis kept cheering. I did it, and I was the one who saved mankind! Travis thought. Everyone who was on the boat got into their own boats and started paddling. Travis was dancing in his seat making it go side to side, he realised what was about to happen and stopped.

“This is a really long tour, are you sure you want to go little boy?,” A voice asked, it was there tour guide. Travis thought about it again and again, he thought over everything that he just experienced. He thought of Holly, Atlantis, Ezra, and the scepter, he knew what he was going to say next.

“Nope, I think I can do it,” He confidently said. And they started to paddle away.

Meanwhile in Atlantis, You did it Travis you really did it, Holly thought,She was starting to get really sad. You are the only one Travis who could have done it. I truly believe in you. She swam up to the portal to earth and looked through and she could see Travis looking right at her and they both knew that he was the most important person in the world.

In class we just finished our fantasy short stories . This unit was about using strategies like making believable characters and making them seem real. Also taking ideas from other movies and books to generate ideas. A change for me was using many strategies, this is because in the beginning of fifth grade I did not use many of the strategies in my writing, like using thoughts to show my characters flaw. Another was a celebration because I thought that my main character was really believable.