Vocabulary Set 6

Apr 6


Period 5/6

Señor Denby

Vocabulary: Set 6


  1. migra – wander
  2. scrib/script – write
  3. viv – live


Words, definitions and questions

Answer the question using the vocabulary word in a complete sentence.  Your answer should show that you understand the meaning of the word.

1.  vivid (adjective): producing lively images in the mind

How could you make this story more vivid?

I would add more detail to make the story more vivid.


2.  revive (verb):  to bring back to life; to give new strength or energy

After the accident, how did the nurse revive the injured penguin?

The nurse used Quick Revive to revive a penguin that was hit by a zombie.

3.  survive (verb): to continue to live despite danger or harm

“How did they survive without technology for three days in Khao Yai?” asked Johnny.

They survived 3 days by playing Elementary games.

4.  vivacious (adjective):  attractive, lively and animated (usually to describe a woman)

How does she look so vivacious at the age of 80?

The reason why she is so vivacious is because she takes steroids and works out a lot.

5.  revival (noun): when something becomes popular or important again

Do you think I should keep my Barney pajamas in case there is a Barney revival?

No, you shouldn’t because there will NEVER be a Barney revival after the actor got arrested.

6.  migrate (verb): to move from one place to another (often according to the seasons)

How could climate change affect migrating animals in Kenya?

Cooler temperatures might mean that the animals wouldn’t migrate anymore.

7.  immigrant (noun): person who comes to live permanently in another country

In Thailand, where are many people (or their grandparents) immigrants from?

Thailand’s immigrants are mostly from the USA.

8.  migrant (noun): person who moves from place to place (often doing seasonal work)

Do you sometimes feel like a migrant student?

No, because I never changed schools like a migrant student.

9.  emigrate (noun): to leave one’s own country to settle in another

If you could emigrate anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would emigrate to Singapore because of it’s cleanness.

10. ascribe (verb): to attribute something to a cause or give credit for

After she got suspended, who did OG try to ascribe blame to for the fight?

OG tried to ascribe blame to BF. (Benjamin Franklin.)

11. script (noun): the written text of a play, movie or show

Why can’t that guy follow the script? It’s driving me crazy.

I think the reason why he cannot follow the script is because he is a Mogadorian.

12. scripture/Scripture (noun): sacred writings of a religion

Where should we look for ancient Christian Scriptures?

We should look in a museum for ancient Christian Scriptures.

13. subscribe (verb): to sign up for something (like cable or a magazine) often by paying in advance; to feel agreement with something

How can I get people to subscribe to my blog?

You can put up a RSS feed so that people can SOMEHOW suscribe to the blog.

14. prescribe (verb)/ prescription (noun):  to recommend the use of something, often in writing

Why did the doctor prescribe that medicine to you?

He prescribed the medicine to me because I had too much vitamin C.

15. inscribe (verb) inscription (noun): to write or carve words as part of a permanent record

What did her inscription in the yearbook say?

The inscription said that she never spoke a word.

16. scribe (noun): person who writes out documents by hand for their job (before computers and typewriters)

Would you like to work as a scribe?

I would never be a scribe because writing 24/7 is tiring work!

17. What does the expression/idiom ‘name-dropping’ mean?  Example: He is always name-dropping and showing off – it’s really annoying.

Comparing their own personality to someone famous.

18.  What does the expression ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ mean?  Example: I told him to let sleeping dogs lie, but instead he accused him of stealing his wallet.

Don’t do or say anything that might get him/herself into trouble, not taking risks.

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