Vocabulary Set 5

Mar 6

Señor Denby


Period 5/6

Vocabulary: Set 5

Roots (or suffixes and prefixes)


  1. strat – layer or level
  2. graph – write
  3. ant/ante – before (include ancestor)

Words, definitions and questions

 1.  stratum (plural is strata): layer or level, especially when there are multiple layers that you can see

Did the archaeologists find the bones in the upper strata or lower strata of rock?

The archaeologists found the dinosaur bones in the lower stratum of rock, because the pressure forced the bones deeper down.

2.  stratosphere: a layer of Earth’s atmosphere about 50Km above the surface of the planet; also used to describe something at the highest level (like success)

When the spaceship entered the stratosphere, why did it begin to shake?

The spaceship, Icarus II, shook when it entered the stratosphere because the pressure became unstable. (Ship from the movie Sunshine)

3.  stratospheric: describing something that reaches the highest levels

Which movie made Tobey Maguire’s fame shoot to stratospheric heights?

The movie, Spiderman, made Tobey Maguire’s fame shoot to a stratospheric height.

4.  graffiti: writings or drawings usually painted or scratched on the wall

Should she be punished for painting graffiti on the walls of Bob’s house?

No, because Bob has criminal record of painting graffiti on the school campus. He deserves it.

5.  autograph: a signature, usually from someone famous

If you could have anyone’s autograph, whose would it be?

I would receive an autograph from the Blueman Group because I forgot to let them sign a painting that they gave me.

6.  graph: a diagram showing the relationship between two sets of information

What can your graphing calculator do?

My graphing calculator from the future can do my algebra homework for me, but needs to improve it’s speling.

7.  graphic: relating to visual art that involve drawing, engraving or lettering

Why do you want to be a graphic artist?

I do not want to be a graphic artist because it is very boring, and has very little pay.

8.  graphic: describes something that gives a vivid or explicit picture of something

Were you upset when you saw the graphic images of how they make hamburgers?

Yes, especially seeing that graphic image of hobo looking guys that were making burgers without gloves!

9.  biography: the story of someone’s life (written by someone else)

Who are you writing a biography about?

I am writing a biography about James Cameron’s life, and his history of directing.

10.  autobiographical: dealing with the writer’s own life

Is this story autobiographical, Renee?   Or did you make it up?

I am not Renee, and I am so not going to write a story that is autobiographical, but I am interesting in reading a fake one.

11.  ancestor: someone we are related to but usually farther back than our grandparents

Are your ancestors from India?

No, but my friend’s ancestor is from India.

12.  antedate: to come before in time

Which civilization antedated the Spanish arrival in Mexico?

The civilization of the Aztecs antedated the Spanish before the Spanish took over.


13.  Riley seems to have a big chip on her shoulder.  She still blames me for the time I dropped her while giving her the Canadian birthday tradition.

This means that Riley is easily angered, and is ready to fight.

14.  “As far as I am concerned it was just a slap on the wrist.  Milind should have been suspended for taking that little girl’s panther pop,” said Sebastián.

His punishment was small, and should have been bigger.

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