Vocabulary Set 4

Roots (or suffixes and prefixes)

1. archaeo (or archeo): ancient

2. -ology: the study of

3. struct: to build

Words, definitions and questions

1. archaeology: the study of human history usually by digging for and examining remains from the past

For your archaeology class, why did you go to Egypt?

We went to Egypt for our archaeology class because Egypt contains one on the most prized treasures for archaeology.

2. archaeologist: person who studies human history by digging for and examining remains from the past

Why were the archaeologists so excited about finding those bones?

The dust-covered bone diggers that set camp in Ur were very excited because they found remains of an ancient mesopotamian library, which is prized for the archaeologists.

3. archaic: very old-fashioned; very old; primitive

Are you ever going to change your archaic methods?  Or will you just keep doing things the way you always have?

No, I am not going to change my archaic methods, because this method has been pass down for centuries!

4. biology: the study of living things

Why do you want to become a marine biologist?

I like studying underwater creatures, so that is why I want to be a marine biologist.

5. psychology: the study of the mind and its functions

Is it true that in university he studied psychology?

No, I do not think he studied phycology because it is the study of the brain’s functions, but his brain seems a bit phyco and un functioned to me.

6. construct: to build something, usually something like a building or a road

Was there a mistake in the way the oil rig Deepwater Horizon was constructed?

Yes, I think so because the news reported that they accidentally added a self-destruct button when they constructed the oil ring.

7. destruct: to cause severe and deliberate damage to something

Do you know why they included a self-destruct button on that robot?

I think the reason why they added a self-destruct button on the robot was for the un-likely event that the robot tries to kill someone and go to the dark side.

8. indestructible: not able to be destroyed

If there was such a thing as an indestructible computer, would you buy it?

Nah, I rather stick with my archaic computer (AKA typewriter) than buying an indestructible computer, even if it will never break.

9. reconstruct: to build or repair something that has been damaged; to reorganize or reenact something

Are they going to try and reconstruct Central World?

Yes, because they already completed and reconstructed Central World, mostly because it is one of the biggest modern icons in Bangkok.

10. constructive: serving a useful purpose

Could you give me an example of constructive criticism you might give your friend?

An example of an constructive criticism is: Maybe you should add a lot more detail, like how the Greeks had surplus, rather that writing one sentence.

11. destructive: causing damage

His behaviour is so destructive.  Why do you think he acts that way?

I think his destructive behavior is caused by watching Happy Tree Friends, Family Guy, South Park, and The Simpsons too much, so maybe he should contact a phycologist.

Idioms:  Write what you THINK the phrases mean.  You do not need to look them up.

1.  a blessing In disguise:  The rainy day turned out to be a blessing in disguise because I got to stay home and take a nap.

Something that seems bad, but is a good thing instead.

2.  a leopard can’t change his spots:  Asking Ellie to play someone mean in the play is impossible – a leopard can’t change her spots.

It means someone cannot change their personalities, or how they act.



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