Vocabulary Set 2

Vocabulary: Set 2


  1. cult – care for
  2. chrono – time
  3. agri – field

1.  cultivate (VERB) – to prepare land for crops or gardening; to try and develop a skill or quality

What do you need to cultivate tomatoes?

We need to cultivate tomatoes because there might be some bugs or germs that are inside the tomato, and we need to prepare them so the people who eat them won’t get sick, or die. 

2.  agriculture (NOUN) – the science or practice of growing/cultivating food

Is agriculture easy in the Sahara desert?  Why?


Agriculture is not easy because the desert has no sun or water, which is essential for agriculture, and to grow plants.

 3.  culture (NOUN) – the customs, arts and beliefs of a group; attitudes and behaviour of a social group

According to scientists, what are some signs that chimpanzees have culture?


Chimps have no sign of culture because they always get angry and they seek revenge to other chimps. They also do not cooperate with each other.

4.  cultured (ADJECTIVE) – showing good taste and manners


If I wanted to be cultured like her, what would I have to do?


I think to be cultured like her, you must read the Manners For Dummies book, since you have very BAD manners!

5.  aquaculture (VERB) – raising plants or animals in water

What kind of things could you use aquaculture for?

You can use aqua culture to grow plants in un-natural places like in buildings so that growing plants is more portable.

6.  horticulture (NOUN) – the practice of raising and tending a garden

If my dad is really into horticulture, what should I get him as a present?

You should get your dad an expensive Hand Trowel, and a Hand Cultivator, if he likes horticulture.

7.  chronological (ADJECTIVE) – relating to the sequence of events or time

I have to do a project about early humans; who came first in chronological order?  Australopithecus or Neanderthals?

I think that Australopithecus ame before Neanderthals in chronological order because their bones are MUCH older.

 8.  chronograph (NOUN) – device for keeping time

Can you recommend a good brand of chronograph for me?

A good brand of chronograph is the I’m Watch. It is the world’s first smart-watch!

9.  synchronize (VERB) – to cause to happen at the same time

How can I synchronize the time on my laptop with the school clocks?

You cannot synchronize your computer time with the school clocks because you need an admin password.

10. chronology (NOUN) – events in order

Could you tell me a bit about the chronology of human development?

Some parts of the human chronology include: Australopithecus coming first, then homo erectus, then neanderthals, the finally us. All of the other species are now extinct.

What does the expression “shoot yourself in the foot” mean?

The expression “shoot yourself in the foot” means that you harm yourself some way by doing something stupid. Eg: Playing Minecraft infront of your humanities teacher.

What does the expression “hold your tongue” mean? 

The expression “hold your tongue” means either “shut up”, or “be careful of what you are saying!” 



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