Vocabulary Set 1

Vocabulary: Set 1

Roots (or suffixes/prefixes)

  1. homo – (hu)man; same
  2. sci – to know
  3. spec – to look

Words, definitions and questions

Answer the questions using the vocabulary word in a complete sentence.


  1. homogeneous (ADJECTIVE):  of the same kind

Is the student body of ISB homogeneous?

The student body of ISB is not homogeneous because we are all from different countries. ( International School)

  1. homogenize (VERB):  to make similar or uniform

How do school uniforms homogenize how students look?

The school homogenizes the students with similar uniforms to show that they are from the same school

  1. hominid (NOUN):  a group of primates that includes humans and monkeys

Are hominids mammals?

Hominids are mammals because hominids are a group of primates, including humans.

  1. homonym (NOUN):  words that have different meanings but the same sound (to, two, too)

Which language has more homonyms, Thai or English?

English has more homonyms because of words like to, too, and two, or there, their, and, they’re.

  1. homicide (NOUN):  the deliberate killing of another person; murder

What should the punishment for homicide be?

 The punishment of homicide should be execution, because that person murdered someone and deserves to be dead.

 science (NOUN):  the study of the world through observation and experimentation to build knowledge

What is the purpose of this science experiment?

 The purpose of this science experiment is to find out which type of plant grows the best in different conditions.

  1. conscious (ADJECTIVE):  aware; having knowledge of what is happening

Was it a conscious decision to hit him?  Or was it a reflexive action?

It was a conscious decision to hit him because he was about to commit suicide.

  1. conscience (NOUN):  an inner feeling that guides our decisions about right and wrong; the awareness of whether what we do is good or bad

Did your conscience bother you after you got caught cheating?

I felt a pang of conscience while I pondered if it was worth cheat.

  1. unconscionable (ADJECTIVE):  not right or reasonable; describing something so wrong it should not be tolerated

How can you still love him after his unconscionable behavior?

I DON’T like him, especially after he ruined my party with his unconscionable behavior. 

10. inspect (VERB):  to look at something closely

What did you find when you inspected his computer?

After a full inspection, Jack had illegally downloaded 523 songs from Pirate-Bay.

11. aspect (NOUN):  a feature or characteristic of something

What is an important aspect of the debate over the Parthenon Marbles?

An important aspect of the debate over the Parthenon Marbles is when the announced who gets the marbles.

12. respect (NOUN OR VERB):  a feeling of admiration for someone or something; to feel admiration for someone or something;

For what reasons do you respect your parents?

We respect our parents because they take care of us, and they also respect us back.

13. spectacle (NOUN):  a visually impressive performance or display

After watching that spectacle what could ever impress me?

I do not think anything will impress you after the spectacle of all those stunts!

14. spectacular (ADJECTIVE):  beautiful in an eye-catching way

What is the most spectacular thing you have ever seen?

The most spectacular thing I have ever seen is when the Blue Man Group performance ended. 

15. circumspect (ADJECTIVE):  wary, unwilling to take risks; keeping an eye out for danger

Are you too circumspect to rock climb?

I really circumspect to rock climb because of the height and the slippery rocks that may lead to my doom.

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  1. Denby says:

    Nice sentence: I felt a pang of conscience while I pondered if it was worth cheat.

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