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This is the basic flag idea of the Utopia...


Planned by John and Daiki







Can and Cannot

Can do: MUST do: Cannot do:
-Parents can have a maximum of 5 Children -NOT litter (If you are convicted of littering three times, you will have to clean the streets on Sundays with a bib on saying, “I am a litterer. From https://www.dumblaws.com/laws/singapore) -Have conflict/Hurt anyone physically or mentally or emotionally
-Wear different clothes (appropriately for individuality) -Recycle -Steal
-Can show appropriate talent creatively with permission. -Save energy and water -Commit any crime
-Make suggestions in a box about the community -BE NICE AND CARING TO PEOPLE -NO SMOKING!!!!!
-Make APPROPRIATE street shows, art, (etc) with permission -Fight (Which means no boxing, or WWE)
-Can apply for cleaning jobs for extra money and savings. -Respect elders. (Relatives, parents, teachers… etc.) -NO BULLYING-STRICT POLICY
-+18 can elect -Have environmentally friendly cars -Asylum believers
-Attitude must be appropriate to another. -Eat, sell, chew( etc) gum



1. First time, the person will go to a class and learn the right way.
2. Second time, the person will go to jail for an appropriate amount of time.
3. Third time, the person will receive execution.


  1. Jail
  2. Execution


  1. Jail
  2. Execution

-No eating, selling, or chewing( etc) gum.

  1. Go to class
  2. Jail 2 months
  3. Jail 4 months
  4. Jail 8 months
  5. Jail 16 months
  6. Execution

-Kids over the age of 8 have to respect people older than them, or else they’ll be given 3 times the amount of homework given. (Essay on why they did not respect, and that they will respect the next time.

Age Essay length

  1. 8~10 (800 words)
  2. 11~13 (1000 words)
  3. 14~16 ( 1200 words)
  4. 16~20 (1500 words)
  5. 20~24 (2000 words)

-People CONSIDERED Adults# CANNOT abuse KIDS in ANY WAY, unless checked by the elected government for the appropriate permission.

-Kids (When they can start talking), have the right to speak and respond to their elders if they don’t agree, but in A RESPECTFUL WAY.

-People are allowed to do MORE than one sport, but if they cannot handle
the responsibility, they will be subjected to probation.

-No one is allowed on roads at 10, except for guards are allowed for safety issues.

-People can retire at the age of 60

-Cars and top-less transportation trains can only go on certain roads. Otherwise, bikes and/or walking is necessary


-Release of fish inside public water is not allowed. They are to be held in some kind of appropriate container that doesn’t harm any human being or any fish. (lakes, ponds, swimming pools, oceans, etc)

-Pets are allowed outside from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

-Tax is paid monthly. Tax is by age. Tax pays for food and health insurance.

  1. 1~10: 500 credits
  2. 11-20: 1000 credits
  3. 21-24: 1500 credits
  4. 25~retire: 2500 credits.

-If a person can’t pay their tax, then they shall have to take classes about learning how to spend their money wisely, right after work/schooling hours.



“This land that people live in. Dwell in. Grow in. Live in. We believe that all is made equal, start equal, but later diverge into their own pathways.” Daiki

We fundamentally have confidence that to continue the human population and make life interesting, each person has the right to show their uniqueness and individuality, placidly. There is no need to carry on the human population, if people can’t make their difference in the world. If that would be the case, then everyone would be monotonous, characterless, unimaginative, colorless, lifeless, and just straight on bland. We believe everyone can have the ability to show their uniqueness yet be treated in an equal way so that people can live in a harmonious system.
This society was based on individuality, so that not everyone being the same. If everyone’s the same, that the word ‘life’ would be meaningless, because then people would have nothing to strive for, to desire for, to long for. Equality in a world in which everyone is the same leads to  lifes foundations Life’s This world was made to be livable, and so it is to be. Livability is achieved by un-contaminated lands. Pollution must be abolished to achieve this “un-contamination” and purity.
The community that we believe in will be convenient and clean. People may reach their destinations with ease, and the roads will have maps placed in convenient places so that people can find their way around. The roadways will be as simple as possible, and the People may use the subway to get around, making transportation easier. Multiple trains will be placed to prevent cramming.
Entertainment and health will also contribute to our community. We believe that we can achieve exercise and energy saving in fun ways. Subway stairs will have foot/pressure activated lights for entertainment. Solar panels will be placed on all available places to provide energy for the city. Wind turbines will be placed around the community, like a wall as well.
There will also be a special section in the Main Building for permission and/or license to make street shows. This will allow the People to express their individuality, which is the main aspect we are trying to achieve.
Another belief of ours is of education. We strongly believe that education plays an important role in life. Well educated kids will make correct decisions as well as know the appropriate things. They will learn the school program, as well as the laws/rules/this philosophy.

(The trains will be split into many parts to maximize space to stop cramming. )

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