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May 2

The next morning, for the first time, Jonas did not take his pill. Something within him, something that had grown there through the memories, told him to throw the pill away. PG 129

May 1 Finished Book

4.  Jonas would have been happier not knowing what The Giver shared with him. (disagree) BECAUSE 3.  To be happy, someone has to know what suffering is.

Quote 1: For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing. pg179

Quote 2: Days went by, and weeks. Jonas learned, through the memories, the names of colors; and now he began to see them all, in his ordinary life (though he knew it was ordinary no longer, and would never be again). But they didn’t last. There would be a glimpse of green- the landscaped lawn around the Central Plaza; a bush on the riverbank. The bright orange of pumpkins being trucked in from the agricultural fields beyond the community boundary- seen in an instant, the flash of brilliant color, but gone again, returning to their flat and hue less shade. pg 97

Explanation to Quote 1. Jonas had suffered, greatly, through his training. All his suffering and knowing of the real world, which was wiped out from everyone’s memory, led to his final mission to go to the Outside, or the actual world that he had experienced in his training. It relates to the topic because he had to suffer through a lot of things finally to find what happiness really meant. He had the feeling of freedom, and knowing that he was lucky.


Apr 30 Chapters 17~23

4.  Jonas would have been happier not knowing what The Giver shared with him. (disagree) BECAUSE 3.  To be happy, someone has to know what suffering is.

Quote 1:He wondered, though, if he should confess to The Giver that he had given a memory away. He was not yet qualified to be a Giver himself; nor had Gabriel been selected as Receiver.

He had this power that frightened him. He decided not to tell. pg 117

Quote 2: (Jonas is speaking) “It was so—oh, I wish my language was more precise! The red was so beautiful!” pg 95








Apr 27 Chapters 11~16


I would remove the memories of fear and sadness. (Depression) I chose to remove these memories because they are usually the causes of violence, over reaction, and suicidal thoughts, which spread like diseases. If everyone was happy, and had no fear, they wouldn’t kill them self, or harm others. They will not get disturbed, and won’t be teased for their fears. If they fear what others think is “stupid”, it may trigger sadness and probably suicide.

I also want to remove differences, agreeing with The Giver. This way, people are the same, and HAVE the same stuff. Having the same stuff means that people won’t want more, and go to the violent side, and start robbery. If someone robs, one may find it “cool” and also start robbing, like in the modern days. Being the same puts a stop to all the wanting and greed, as well as jealousy.




Apr 26 Chapters 9~11

This is what I feel and do about differences. I feel different emotions depending on what is different about me. With computers, I like customizing my mac a lot, which is different. I also in some parts, try to blend in, like the image. I have differences, and blend in well, with lots of differences.







This shows the opposite of the world of the Giver because with flowers, they battle to be the first one with the sun, and the most sun. The people share well, and equality is number one. If they were flowers, they would have shared the light equally. This is an advantage because there will be no commotion of who has more, no violence, like the flowers and they all are happy




 Apr 25 Chapters 5~8

Two questions from the book so far.

•What happens when the people are released? The Elders treat it like great honor, but it can be used for punishment as well. Page 2

•Who’s DNA do they use for the babies. (In response to a discussion question started by J.K.)


Apr 24 Chapters 3~5

1. Odd things:

•All the same

•The Speaker


•They do not really have wide imagination

2.Why is the concept of SAME so important in their society?

It is so important in their society because there will be no jealousy and commotion over things like someone having more stuff. They are also easier to control because they are all the same. They do not question because they are all the same, or in harmony. Without same, there will be less or no harmony.


This image represents the importance of same in The Giver. It is the most important characteristic because if you are different, you are rude. As it says above under the question, it is the #1 characteristic. This is the mirror image.







This represents power. In our society, power is the important characteristic. People are ranked in the social hierarchy based on power, and the rulers rule by power. This also shows independence, and rights because we all have rights and can stand up for our selves. This is the fist image.













Apr 23:Images and Captions for Chapters 1~2

This image represents that the characters in the first two chapters just look forward and that they do not really see imagination. The lines represent the imagination. They basically ignore it in a way.


This shows the opposite of their behavior. They lack freedom and enjoyment, but they do not realize it. They think that this is all normal. To us, it seems like the rules are very strict, but to them, it is normal. Their ride is bumpy and child-ish with lots of rules, but ours is more like the images, with surprises everyday.










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  1. Denby says:

    Daiki, you have a deep understanding of many of the big ideas in the novel. This is evident in your selection of details here on the blog and in discussion. I am looking forward to seeing your essay.

  2. Denby says:

    Daiki, I can always count on you to think deeply.

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