Comparison Essay

Comparison Essay (Literary)

Comparing  the books

The Giver


Animal Farm

The novels The Giver and Animal Farm are both examples of utopias, but the ones that succeeded, and the ones that failed. The community of the book The Giver is a good representation of a successful utopia, and that everyone is happy. On the other hand, The Animal Farm envisioned a successful utopia, led by the animals, but the utopia eventually failed because of the pig’s greediness.


In The Giver, they envisioned a world removed of suffering. They achieved this utopia by removing the memories of suffering, as well as anything that can lead to suffering, such as love. As a result, everyone except for the Giver, was removed of all the memories. This succeeded a utopia in which everyone was equal. No one had the thoughts of rebellion or violence because that was completely removed. They also succeeded because they completely changed human nature. They removed color, war, climate, and other things that can lead to suffering.


In Animal Farm, they started a communist farm. They wanted all of the animals to be the same. They had a perfect well working farm until a leader-leader emerged. The smartest animal, the Pig, took over the farm, and took advantage of their knowledge to cheat the other animals. They altered the rules they first made for all to fit their needs AND WANTS. Their greed for power led the utopia to a complete halt, when the Pigs “became” the humans.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

They first got rid of man because they did not want any leaders. (Brutal leaders) Their intentions were a waste, as the pigs took over the farm, just like the humans.


The Giver succeeded because everyone followed the rules, and that the founders completely altered human nature to achieve this. They altered the humans so that no one will remember or think about the bad things of the past. On the other hand, the farm of Animal Farm completely fails because of the pigs being so greedy over the amount of power they hold. They got VERY greedy, and in the end, their Utopia became the world before the utopia started, in which the animals, apart from the pigs, were slaves, and the pigs replaced the mean farmers.


To succeed, a utopia needs rules that ALL follow. The leaders, like in Animal Farm, cannot overreact over the amount of power they hold. Utopias usually fail, over a long period of time, unless human nature is COMPLETELY altered, like in The Giver. Since the leaders of The Giver realized that the face of failure was right in front of them, they tried really hard to avoid it, by altering human nature.

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