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Urgent Phuket Vacation

After traveling to two different countries,One more week of summer was left.Then came the magical word”phuket”,which sent us flying to that destination. The photos above were some of the highlights of my vacation. The lush green view of the first … Continue reading

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh![missed flight]hhhhh!!!!!!!

June 6, 2011, I missed my flight. By about 15 minutes. In the pitch-black morning, I was  ready to leave. My mom called the taxi. We got on the taxi. All was going well- until we got on the big … Continue reading

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Japan-Still Wonderful

Imagine a place that can be exercise, thrilling, and calming. The perfect match for that is Nagatoro(ながとろ)That natural place allows you to go rafting, rock climbing, and on a lazy boat. That was an wonderful time for me in my … Continue reading

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It Is Best To Give Something You Don’t Like The First Time Another Chance

Essay Are you the kind of person that makes your mind up after trying something only once? Well after my experiences, I think otherwise. I think that you should give something you don’t like the first time another chance. It … Continue reading

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October Break…..

Please click on the images to view descriptions. On the October Break, I went to Singapore. I was lucky enough to be able to go to the CSI The Experience, where you can experience being a CSI agent! You could solve … Continue reading

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Wow! What a blast it was at these thai temples!! I first saw the huge doors of the Wat Po temple. It was about 2 times bigger than a human!!! See that huge tower? I climed up there! Also, thats … Continue reading

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In hawaii, I had a great time surfing on the waves and also liked the awesome views and the land formations. This is me surfing!!! Share This

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Alex With Joe

Alex Spends Winter Break in Japan View more presentations from ISBangkok. Share This

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