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Skull Mask

The Images are ordered by date.   A mask form. Plaster. Water. Starbucks cup of awesomeness. Materials for a skull mask. I stared a mask out of a mask form in art that will later become a skull mask. I started … Continue reading

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Tunisia News

When the Tunisian President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali escaped,some prisoners got the urge to escape the prison and start protesting until the government disappears. They say there was a big shoot out on the streets that killed many. I think … Continue reading

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Digital Footprint

Win!Win!Win!  Do you think you have a digital footprint? Do you have a blog? Then, if you have a blog,(Facebook, Twitter, Etc) then you have a digital footprint. It might sound great to have one, but it has some bad … Continue reading

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 Ask again. Why should we care about the miners? Well, why do we feel happy? The reason we are celebrating is because we automaticaly feel emphathy, when we see families celebrating. Then we celebrate.[youtube][/youtube]  We should celebrate, even they are … Continue reading

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Help People-Water

Blog Action Day; Water Blog Action Day Blog Challenge [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] Water. It’s all around us, but not every one has access to Clean water. Some don’t even have Water.That’s why people need to act and help. Don’t waste water. … Continue reading

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When,When, When? A Relative of Why,Why,Why?

“When?!” You might hear your teacher ask. There are lots of times when people ask when. There are 20% of all when questions that are answered in Tell Me When, a non-fiction book series that you should read. There is … Continue reading

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Why, Why,Why??

This is my Blog Challenge to do. “Why?” People ask. “Why should we visit blogs?” That, is the question I  hear, all the time. On my blog, I will answer for My blog. It may not be the same for the … Continue reading

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