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Did you know that water is one of the human rights? Some people don’t even get water close by like the rich, like you. Some women in Kenya, Africa, spend up to 5 hours a day, carrying water. Dirty water, because of a drought, and that leads to a huge water crisis, possibly because there was once a forest that got cut down. Possibly. Then, in Ethiopia’s river dried out and they had to scrape out the remaining bits of dirty water to drink, but, well, well, well! Someone is acting! some people built a new dam so that the next heavy rains will form in a under water reservoir to be pumped up by a hand pump. That is better, and does make a difference.

Once in 2010, a  person said: “When clean water becomes plentiful, all the previously spent hauling water can be used to grow  more food, raise more animals, or even start income-producing businesses”, (From the National Geographic special issue, Water.)

Also, many people have no access to water because they are poor and they can not afford it, like in Narboi Kenya, it costs $0.20 and some people can not afford that!

We can help by inventing cheap purifing machines or to make the cost of water in hostile areas cheaper.

Please help the world!

Thank You.

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My Country


This represents a temple in Kyoto, Japan, Which is where I am from. Kyoto is home to one of the most famous temples that were made when the samurai were common. Now days, there are tons of hotels to stay in, but the temples are still standing, strong and healthily.

I’ve visited Kyoto once, and it was Amazing! On the way back to Tokyo, in a bullet train, I had an accident, so, try not to start getting hyper in the bullet train, like making silly faces out the window.

Blog Challenge #3- Number8

This is a Must-See-Place in Kyoto, Japan. It is a temple made out of  Gold.

This is inside a park with a fee and it has lots of other attractions. This, to me, is the most amazing place ever made by hand. Amazing, hu?

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