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September 22, 2010

Why, Why,Why??

Posted in: Blogging,Normal

This is my Blog Challenge to do.

“Why?” People ask. “Why should we visit blogs?” That, is the question I  hear, all the time. On my blog, I will answer for My blog. It may not be the same for the other blogs.

Well, You Should visit my  blog, because there are many new things popping out, and then new things to learn. You can also come to my blog to just plain read. (And, do feel free to comment, it says how on the page; “How In The World Do You Play Arround In My Blog?”. I will be posting about, mostly ( 99%), learning. This Is a learning blog.

Hmmm……           If you are wondering what I might post next, it might be about putting the “Student Blogging Challenge” Badge how-to-put-it-on kind of post.( It’s only for Macs.) Sorry to all the Windows users. Very sorry. Including me, because I found this out in school, which we use Macs, but at home , I use a Windows, and I have not got any idea how to do it on the Windows computer. It is also on the Blog Challenge, but I think the next post is more clear on Macs, step by step.

Please come back, because you will never know what is there in The D.S. Blog, waiting to be commented on!

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