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March 25, 2013

SARS Coronavirus Report

Posted in: 7th Grade,Humanities

Daiki Shinomiya

Mr. Healy

Period 4/7/8

March 21~22

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome System Report

The SARS coronavirus, or the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus is a virus that killed hundreds around the globe, and infected thousands more.  It was one of the most deadly modern viruses, but yet was missed by many until multiple deaths started to occur. The virus was deadly, as we did not realize the true deadliness of the disease, until it was too late.


The theorized cause of the SARS is the infection from a cat like animal called Civets. In the Guangdong Province of China, right next to Hong Kong, animals roamed freely in and out of the farmer’s homes, as the farmers were friendly to the animals. What they did not realize is that some of the animals had viruses, and that virus could be fatal. Now, scientists believe that the SARS virus originated from multiple animal viruses into one deadly virus that can be easily passed on, or in other words, highly contagious. How did the multiple animal viruses form together into one big and deadly virus? The farmers allowed multiple of animals into their homes, as they did not care. It did not matter, and they basically lived in harmony with the animals. That was the mistake that killed over 700 people worldwide.

A coronavirus is a type of virus that can be easily transmitted, as the virus “clings” on to the host cell, infecting the cells one by one, until the entire host is infected. The replicating system of the coronavirus is different from many other viruses, as coronaviruses have multiple genes, and one is passed on to the host cell, multiplying the virus. The SARS coronavirus was extremely dangerous, and contagious, as a simple hug, or a sneeze, can transmit the virus from one person to another. The virus can spread also by water droplets. If an infected person sneezes, and just one cell reaches another person, that person will be infected as well. On February 1st, 2002, the start of the SARS pandemic, Liu Jianlun from the Guangdong province of China visited, Hong Kong, which is right next to his province. He checked into a hotel, and got sick. He was already infected, but the infection intensified by the time he got to China, without knowing that he was highly sick. In the end, 80% of the Hong Kong infections could be traced back to him.

2002~2003, the almost pandemic SARS coronavirus killed over 700 people globally, and infected over 8000 people world wide. In the past, there was no such thing as mass transportation, and people couldn’t travel across the world in a day. There was no possibility of flight transportation, and cars. The outbreak of the SARS corona virus was during 2002~2003, which is a time when air travel is popularized, and people travel by air to get to places quickly. This was a good thing, but also a bad thing. The virus had potential to spread even more. in the 1300’s, there was no possibility of traveling from europe to america in 24 hours. It took days to travel by boat. That is why the Black Plague only stayed in Europe and Asia. It was virtually impossible to travel to places other than land travel. The SARS virus was released in the modern times, so it was easier to spread.  Being in the modern times means that we are most likely to be able to find a cure, but at the same time, the virus has the chance to spread even more. The SARS virus spread across the globe while the Black Plague spread only mainland. On the other hand, the SARS virus was halted quicker than the Black Plague, resulting in less deaths than the Black Plague.

Now, the SARS virus has been halted, but a cure has not been found yet. The source of the disease has been theorized, and one that is gone, we can ensure that future outbreaks will not occur. A recent article on reviving extinct animals shows that one the gene or the DNA in an animals cell that causes a virus is found, it can be eliminated, and making the DNA cell immune. Once the cell is immune, the immune cell can be inserted into the animal, making the animal immune. Then, the animal can reproduce, making all of the animals of the species immune to the virus, so that another coronavirus similar to the SARS virus cannot form again, resulting in another pandemic, and this time, transportation is improved, and better than 2002 transit. Planes can fly further without refill, trains can go faster, cars can go further. What we need to do to prevent another SARS-like virus from forming is pinpointing animal diseases, and halting the disease in an animal to make sure that we do not get infected.




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