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September 15, 2011

Anooka’s Answer: Coming of Age Story

Posted in: 6th Grade,Adaptation,Humanities,Middle School,Normal

In what ways is your novel a coming of age story?

Anooka’s Answer by Marjorie Cowley is a coming of age story because Anooka has to become a woman by becoming a wife, and do what girls are allowed to do. This book has a little twist because she doesn’t want to marry and do what girls are supposed to do. She wants to carve-Only boys can carve.

She later on starts to make her own decisions, like how she is going to spend the rest of the life. These complex decisions show that she is coming of age.

“I’m here to discuss the future, not the past.”

She covered her ears. “You mean MY future. I don’t want to listen.”

“You will hear me!” he said. “I want you married before people find out that you’re likely to cause trouble in your husband’s clan. I will chose a man for you at the next Gathering.”

“I’m too young!” Anooka shouted.

His hand sliced the air to silence her. “Your mother abandoned all her responsibilities-I will not!” He rose, almost hitting his head against the low ceiling. “Nor will you!”

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