Robotics FLL 2013 Senior Solutions Reflection

The highlights of the robotics tournament include being able to complete the stove challenge once, (Better than none!) and also attempting our first “battle” against another team.

I think that we did pretty well in the robot game, as we came in 5/6th place. Our place was boosted up by the presentation that Alessio and Jonathan did, which was also very intriguing and interesting. I really think that we can start a club in the future. Our Core FLL Values were pretty good, as we let the other teams practice by moving out of the way. I also asked the team that had the quilts if another team could borrow them because that team was pointing and asking where the blue quilt was. Even with the language barrier, I was able to communicate with them, and help them. I wondered where all the rest of our 10+ robots went. Maybe if we brought more, then every one could have participated. Some people were looking bored and not participating.

I have improved a lot in the robotics club, as I was new to the programing language in the very beginning. I had never touched a NXT before that. I have spent my time learning the language, and studying. It is like learning a new language. Study and practice is the only way you learn a second language. Now I can program, build, and read the NXT. I still find programing challenging, as there is still the advanced programing left to master. This is also the area that I would like to have more challenge.

My goal for the Green City is to be able to use at least one advanced program block, (with the “wires”) to complete at least one challenge.

To reach my goal, I need to look at more videos, especially from Youtube, as the videos in the index.html don’t have enough information. Only the basics. I will need to find a more sophisticated video to teach me the advanced programming of the NXT.

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  1. Mr. Z says:

    I have read your two latest Robotics blog posts. You are now aware of how much you have learned and the vast possibilities of out there. Kudos for giving the FLL Core Values the importance they deserve. You have been an extraordinary competitor and invaluable team member for ISB’s Panthro Team. The sky is the limit Daiki, keep up the hard work!

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