Robotics Reflection

Robotics FFL Challenges Reflection


During the rushed preparation for the competition, I feel that actually almost completing the challenge, like when we test the robot, is the most fun, and is defiantly a highlight to the prep that we did. The robot, in the very beginning, before the prepping for the competition, was very hard to understand, especially the programming language, as it is the first time that I used Mindstorms NXT. It was all very new to me, but after a while, programing different things, I got used to the programing, and learnt it almost as another language. It is not perfect, but now the robot (finally) can understand me. The competition was a bit rushed, as we had limited time to prepare for the competition. We have not completed many challenges, and we have to work way more in order to catch up, and have any opposition for the other schools. We have 2 1/2  minutes to do as many challenges as we can, and we need to make up that short amount of time as much as we can.

Next time, I think we could have a bit more time in advance about the competition so that we could have more time to prepare for the challenge. Otherwise, it was ok, and fun, as it was the first time for me.

If I had to inform new FFL students, I would tell them to not give up, as it is almost like a new language, and it is hard to learn any language that you have never studied. It is also a very fun and challenging experience, and has many applicants to life.

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  1. Mr. Z says:

    A robotics competition like FLL requires a lot of practice. You are doing your part by learning to program and giving instructions to your robot. It is really an exciting experience. Keep up the good work Daiki. (Mr. Z)

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