Current Events Jan 31



Current Events Jan 31


Mr. Healy

Period 4/7/8

2013 is a Game Changer On Climate Change

The United Nations focuses their meetings on current events, and mainly climate change. We have already experienced the jobs and daily life of a UN delegate talking about climate change affecting their country. An article that was just posted on CNN describes the future in terms of climate change in 2013. The writer, Andrew Steer describes the highs and lows that are to come this year. This article would have been great support for the climate change speeches that some people made.


In the 3.2 page article filled with Andrew Steer’s predictions and comments of the year, he quotes that good things have occurred in the year already, and the year before. The economy is rising, and by 100 million per year in middle class countries. Also, the QOL in undeveloped countries are growing rapidly. But it is not the time to party and cheer that the worst is over. It has just begun. The biggest issue of the 21st century has finally reached the top priority in business, which is long over due. A poll from the WEF shows that climate change was in the top 3 most stated top issues. In addition, President Obama stated that climate change is a top priority in his Administration. The temperature is hitting records all over the world, and it shows no sigh of slowing down. Obama addresses climate change as top priority as the US economy was badly damaged, as the costs of climate change droughts and Hurricane Sandy, take up approximately 1.5% of the country’s GDP. Globally, climate change is affecting 1.6% of the global GDP.

Coal is a major factor in the climate change issue. 40% of global co2emitions are from co2. The coal demands in the United States are lowering, but 1,200 more coal plants are bound to be made around the globe. Suicide! Stopping coal may be soon impossible, but alternatives may be used. Shale gas is starting to be a perfect alternative. The co2 emissions are halved, as shale gas emits less co2 than coal. Helpful, but not good enough. Greenhouse gas must decrease by 80~90% by 2050 so that the globally feared doomsday will not occur for real. God news? Andrew Steer has 3 points to help solve the climate change issue.


Incentivizing Renewable Energy Investment.

More than 1000 renewable energy plans are made, and could really held end the doomsday that is bound to occur in 2050. China has also launched a national project, with a goal of a national program by 2025.


Removing Market Barriers.

Renewable energy is currently possible, if there were no market barriers. People believe that it is not worth it to spend millions of dollars in renewable energy if may only just scar their business.


De-risking Investments.

For many reasons, there are higher risks of problems in renewable energy than coal. Fixing the risks will help remove the market barriers, which will allow people in businesses to use renewable efficiently without the fear of affecting their business.


In my opinion the article could have been a wonderful solution in climate change in the MUN. Also, I like how the article is based on opinion. Not just a person’s opinion, but also an opinion with a strong voice. It might have been the actual UN proposed solution to climate change. The article tied together the points and pieces of a very possible solution into the article, which seems pretty hard as I have only heard of bits of the article’s solution, not all combined into ONE vey plausible solution. I also like the fact that there is a lot of specific numbers, like the fact that we need to decrease the carbon emissions by 80~90% by 2050. Also, it is telling the almost absolute truth about the future. There will be an actual doomsday by 2050 if the carbon emissions do not fall.


In the MUN that I was in last week, I find that talking was a bit rushed because of the lack of time. It would have been formal if we had a bit more time. Also, there were not enough chairs to sit on in the Friday session. Figuring out where to sit wasted 10 minutes of our time of discussion. Otherwise, I found the MUN a very fun and exciting experience, voting and disagreeing on other people’s speeches. It was fun hearing the results of speeches. I was glad that UNESCO’s climate change speech passed. It was very good and truthful. We could have added some of the article’s ideas for an even more solid conclusion to our proposal. I hated that USA vetoed almost everything, (luckily not us!) They did not make any sense! They vetoed a proposal for a 5% tax increase, but agreed to a 20% tax increase proposal. They said that 5% was too much! Over all, the MUN was a very new experience, unlike any other.


In conclusion, the article connects to the MUN that we just did, as it is a great solution to climate change, added on to our solution. I have learnt many things from the article, and it would have been a great addition to UNESCO’s climate change proposal. One thing in specific that I learnt was that climate change is more serious that we think. We think it is bad enough, but in reality, it is worse. The globally feared dooms day will come unless something is changed.

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