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Bosnia Teaches Syria A Lesson

Building-smashing mortars and cold-hearted snipers are part one’s daily life in Syria. The people in modern day Damascus are facing similar deaths and dangers as of the people in 1992 Sarajevo, Bosnia. The people in Damascus need some lessons from Bosnia, and how to end their war, as the people in Damascus are facing similar problems as the people in Bosnia. This article lists in depth the lessons from Bosnia that Syria could use to take action to end their war. 1220273.html

The first lesson is to examine the basic assumptions. This basically means that people don’t know everything, or that they skip the main facts. In US, 1995, people believed that the Bosnians were killers that killed for glee. That was not true, and the tensions between groups were the result, not the cause of the war. The article says that the true sources of the Bosnian war were economic problems and some corruption. The Syrians need to understand the starting points of the problem, the war, to stop it.

The second lesson is about information sources. The wrong info spells out DEATH in nice big letters. It also matters if the info is reliable or not. Most in the modern day Syria will op for the male with the loud hailer, not the women with the true and sensible information. In Bosnia, they did not listen to the women who had ideas and ways to end the war. Women in Syria are not concerned of revenge, as the article stated, but are more concerned of the infrastructure and the health of their people. They want to end it. Not make it worse, like the men. Syria, listen to other people, just like the chess tactic to move unmoved pieces for a better advantage.

The third and final lesson from Bosnia is that there is no control over outcomes. No one can read the future. Doing all the lessons above does not mean that 100% peace will be restored. As the article quotes,

“We’ll never know if we chose the best tactics or obtained the best outcomes.”


I think that this article was a bit challenging, as I knew absolutely nothing about the Syrian war, but I learnt some new things along the way.  As I was reading the article, I wondered, Is this true? As the article included the fact that you need to know what sources are reliable. It was also amusing, relating to the quote, “history repeats itself”. It was true, as Bosnia had a war, and now Syria!


In conclusion, this article relates to the fact that people not only can learn from past experiences and mistakes, but others mistakes as well. The article summarizes the different ways Syria can learn from one other’s mistakes, in this case, Bosnia, as the two countries faced similar problems. The Bosnian civil war is solved, and using the steps that solved the war, and tweaking it a bit, Syria can solve it’s own war crisis.

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