Current Events #5 November 7

Current Events

Nov 7

Mr. Healy

Period 4/7/8


Geneva Tsunami

The Snail Is Careful Of His Actions

1500 years ago, a “tsunami”, or a massive flood swept away everything in it’s path, including churches. Researchers say that a huge landslide from Rhône River was the source of the “tsunami”. Their proof exists in a massive sediment (rock) deposit at the bottom of the lake, which they claim was once above the lake. The tsunami was caused by the sudden splash of water as the rocks slid into the lake. This deadly “tsunami” occurred in the past, but that doesn’t mean that the people are safe. Scientists say that a similar event may affect many of the modern day Swiss cities, especially Geneva. There are approx. 200000 people living there now, and geography says that they are doomed, if the tsunami occurs. The lake gradually narrows as it gets closer to Geneva, allowing the “tsunami” to gradually get stronger and taller.

Now, in the 21st century, this tsunami may happen again, but global warming may be the culprit. There has been a history of glaciers in the area, and if one melts, whoosh! The whole city is flooded.


I think this article is pretty scary, if you live in Geneva. It relates to the fact that people really need to be careful about the environment. Global Warming occurs, and the city floods. Bad construction, and another landslide smashes into the lake, triggering another tsunami.

If I lived in Geneva, I would be (sort of) relived to hear that, “For now, there’s little indication that another Geneva tsunami is imminent.”

Even if scientists say so, I don’t think there is an excuse to be not careful of the environment and our surroundings. I think that Geneva is a very good example to the world saying that we NEED to be careful about the environment. I think that lake Geneva and it’s surrounding cities are good examples of the fact that if you are not careful, and global warming continues to rise, you could die.

I wonder how the landslide actually occurred 15000 years ago, when the technology and building strategies were not so advanced. It will take then ages to move just a little bit of rock. I think that the reason for the landslide is erosion. The rain might have worn out some of the rocks, loosening them, so that the rocks go tumbling down, but I am not so sure how that many rocks went into the lake.

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