Current Events 4 October 9

Period 4/7/8

Mr. Healy

October 9

Rio+20 Aimed For SEFA

This article is directly related to sustainability because, well, it is titled “Rio+20 Aimed for Sustainable Energy For All.” SEFA is an organization from the UN that aims to drive economic development, increase the QOL, and protect the planet at the same time by sung renewable energy sources, like wind energy. The SEFA seems to be working as it already engaged governments, businesses, and other groups to use renewable energy sources just in its first year. The Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said, “Achieving Sustainable Energy for All is not only possible, but necessary.”

That is true, as we will soon completely blacken our skies.

They have set 3 goals by 2030, and they also plan to share developed world technologies with the least developed countries to let them have access to sustainable energies. These three goals are:

-Universal access to modern energy services.

-Doubling the share of renewable energy efficiency.

-Doubling the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency.


Statistics say that 1/5 of people; about 1.3 billion in all, don’t have access to electricity. Many of these people suffer from cooking with toxic pollutants in the air, because they do not have universal access. The UN predicts that universal access by 2030 can be achieved at less than $50 billion a year. This will also help boost the education in undeveloped worlds.


Statistics also say that 15% of the world’s energy is from renewable sources. That’s too little! They plan to double it by the year 2030. These sources of energy can support many things including businesses and health. An example from the article is that solar lamps allow shopkeepers in Bangladesh to stay open at night. These technologies are getting cheaper, and more people would buy them, which will help make a sustainable planet. In conclusion, the SEFA is a very ambitious, as it is meant to be world changing, in a good way. Some officials say that there is no turning back.


I believe that the idea behind this article will be the trigger of a slow chain reaction, a good one that will slowly change the world. They started the renewable energy thing, the whole world slowly follows. Then the whole world is more or less even in terms of energy. Then people find something even better, something new. Then the cycle repeats again. Each action triggers another.

I also think that the three goals are very good, especially the rate of the progress. It is not too slow, and not too sudden. People won’t most likely complain. I wonder how it turns out in the end. It is a matter of waiting and seeing. 



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