Multi-Cultural Game: Daruma San Ga Koronda By Daiki



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Period 2

Mr. Ducharme


What went well and what could be improved or what DID you improve the second time?

I liked that the people understood the rules easily, and was able to explain without any trouble. My classmates already learnt a game, which is the reason for the ease in the explaining. In my opinion, the game is a tough one to learn, compared to the others, because some rules were complicated, like the three-step-rule, where I was sure a question was going to be asked. None was.

I think that next time, even after my second lesson, I will try to keep calm, and try not to say “um” a lot. I should order the steps more, as my teaching was a little bit jumbled, sometimes forgetting one little detail. Even with that, I think I did better the second time, because I had experience from the first lesson, and only one question of concern was asked. They liked the game!

What have you learned about being a ‘leader’ or ‘teacher’?

I have learned that keeping the audience’s attention is very hard, as the interesting-ness decreases every second as a teacher (me) speaks. I have learnt that the instructions has to be short, simple and concise, or the audience will get bored. I also learnt that teaching is far more different than presenting than I expected. I thought that presenting a humanities presentation is the same as presenting a PE game, but it was a lot harder. It was also my first time teaching a game. I also learned that you need to be prepared for the unexpected, like a un-likely question that stumps you.
Can you describe some of the skills of a good leader?

A good leader has experience, and knowledge. A good leader also is not hesitant to share, and rarely stops in their explaining. They are well prepared. Being prepared is more than explaining. You need to be prepared for the unexpected, like a un-likely question that stumps you, like I said above.
What was your favorite game and why?

I think the Thai kick-volleyball (by Tiger) was the most fun game, because I picked up the rules very easily, and it was active. It was challenging, but not too much, and not too little, so I liked it.

I was kind of shocked that most people did not get the game. It was very fun, easy to understand, and challenging at the same time! It was also my first time.

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