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Period 4/7/8

More Cars=More Co2


This topic is one the some never thought of in our school. The people from the Great Energy Challenge say that even with all of the fuel advantages the world has, the co2 level will still rise because of the sheer amount of cars that the world makes and has, and the greater distances that we drive.

Statistics say that the world’s production of passenger cars dramatically increased since a slight decrease in 2008~9, a total of about 76.8 million light vehicles were produced in 2011, and at that rate, in 2012, the total may pass 80 million world wide.

We say eco cars can save the world, but there are too little of them to actually even help the world. EV production in 2011 was less than half of 1% of the world’s car production. Hybrid cars were produced with less than 2%. This is not enough.


Finally, the distance a person drives can alter the world. We did not drive as much before, as we do today. In China, the average person drives about 1000 km. This may seem a lot, but compared to the amount in the US, this is tiny. In the US, they drive an average of 13500 km! This will surely impact the environment.

This article relates to sustainability in terms of environment and resources. Yes, the hybrid car can help us decrease the amount of co2, but that is not enough to par with the ever rapidly increasing car production, usage and distance traveled. It is like trying to clean up a party that never ends. Unbalanced, because it is not sustainable. Co2 levels will always be rising, even with the EVs, which means oil levels will still decrease.


I think that this topic is very interesting, even with so many co2 issues around the whole world, because it is something I never though of. I thought EVs were the solution to the co2 crisis, but like I said above, they are not enough to par with the amount of co2 being releases into the atmosphere daily, because of the production, usage, and distance driven per car, and the EVs can do nothing about it.



Note: EV stands for Electric Vehicle.



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