Current Events September 13


Sep 13

Mr. Healy

Period 4/7/8

Order In Chaos: Somalia’s Upcoming Presidential Election


This article was very eye catching, because one of the most corrupt, if not THE most corrupt countries (it is hard to tell if Somalia IS a country or not) is electing a new president, a first in 21 years. Although some of Somalia may be in control of the Al-Shabaab militants, the nation has driven out the terrorists from the capital for safety issues, but even with the terrorist exterminators, the nation is y still not safe enough for the WHOLE NATION to vote on who will be the new president of Somalia. ­It is very interesting that this country did not have a formal government for 21 years, ever since Dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was kicked out of rule, and finally the dead has risen again, but this time better. (Than a dictatorship.)

This gain of control was no easy task, as Mr. Mahiga says,

“It has not been easy getting us to this point. There has been moments when all seemed lost, and we have sometimes been on the brink of despair.”



I find this article very interesting, and ironic, because almost a year ago, I read an article about how Somalia is corrupt, and how the terrorists rule by terror. Having said that, a tiny sprout of hope started growing from chaos, ad is still slowly growing, until all chaos is covered, and gone. The only question is, who planted the seed?

We all thought that order in Somalia was WAY out of the question, or at least I did, but we (I) were (Was) wrong. Now, Somalia will soon elect an new leader to bring order to chaos.




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