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This shows change, in the article's case, technology.

This shows change, in the article's case, technology.


“Coming Soon, Google Street View of a Canadian Village You’ll Never Drive To”

This article is about Google Street view coming to a nearly isolated town in the Canadian arctic, Cambridge Bay. A Inuit man, Chris Kalluk, (28) brought a tricycle fitted with Google’s street view camera to the town, so that the whole world can see and learn more about the northern Canadian arctic. The project was really difficult, as the town could only be accessed by plane, or by barge for a limited amount of time in the summer, as the area gets really cold, freezing the ocean waters near by. This meant that cars equipped with Google’s street view cameras were not an option, and as Ms. Tuxen-Bettman (A geostrategist of the Google Earth Outreach) stated it,

“A car seemed like overkill,”




I wonder how the GPS actually got into Cambridge Bay in the first place, when no one really goes in or out of the town. I think it is similar to us students with macs, and when someone somehow finds out how to get new screensavers, later on, everyone knows, just like the GPS becoming a fixture of the Inuit fishers and hunters. I also think that since GPS is in town, the skill of navigating by recognition is slowly going to fade, as people move into GPS viewing.

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