Persuasive Piece :Flip Flops In School

Period 5/6


Señor Denby

May 8

In a hot country like Thailand, we need to keep cool as much as possible. Wearing flip flops can do just the thing. Flip flops have more exposure, allowing wind to cool our feet. It is also healthier, in a way. PE teachers say that it is healthy to clean our feet because they get dirty easily by sweat. How does the sweat get there? Our feet are inside a hot, heat contaminating shoes, along with our socks. More smelly socks! Flip flops, on the other hand, obviously does not contaminate the heat, reducing the heat and sweat, keeping us healthy. Finally, it is comfortable, and affordable. People usually take off their shoes because it is comfortable. Flip flops feel like taking off your shoes, and are easier to take off. Plus, in Thailand, they are totally affordable.

Flip Flops keep us extremely cooled, especially in the hot weather and compared to shoes. We feel extreme discomfort when our shoes heat up and contaminates the heat. Allowing flip flops in school keeps the wind coming. There is no way for flip flops to contain the heat. Any slight gust of wind previously not felt by shoes are felt by feet wearing flip flops, or exposed feet. (barefoot) Flip flops are the best way to keep cool in Thailand.

Discomfort in feet distracts you, doesn’t it? This usually occurs after we enter the burning heat of PE. That is why flip flops in school, except PE, are far more comfortable than other footwear. They are also lightweight, meaning that you would barely feel the weight on your feet. People usually take off their shoes in class because it is more comfortable. Flip flops are open, meaning that you don’t need to take them off. They feel like wearing no shoes, and if you want to go further, it is easy to take flip flops off. Bringing back the flip flops will keep us comfortable, thus happy.

Everyone takes PE and health in school. The teachers usually talk about keeping clean and healthy, especially in Health. Wearing shoes the whole day can put all that learning in the trash. Shoes and socks contain the heat very easily, thus getting dirty easily. Bringing back the flip flops for before and after PE means the dirty grime can easily go off. Flip flops are also waterproof, meaning you can easily clean your feet without worrying or taking the shoes off.

Bringing back the flip flops, especially in the hot country of Thailand. Students learn about health and keeping themselves healthy, and flip flops contribute to the health of our feet. It will also help
us concentrate in class as we are not disturbed by the weight of the shoe. Yes, the administrators banned flip flops because of safety issues, but we are mature! Cooling, comfort, and health. Those are the advantages, if we bring back the flip flops.

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