Downfall Of Persia Comparison to the Rapanui People(Easter Islanders)

The Rapanui people depleted their trees to help them build their statues, weakening them a bit, sending them in one course for their downfall. The Persians as well were weakened, but they were weakened by their failed invasion on Greece, as well as Cyrus the Younger starting a rebellion, exposing Persia’s weakness. They were both going in similar directions to their downfall, except that the Rapanui people’s downfall was much more peaceful. Then, the europeans, explorers carrying dirty deseases for the Rapanui, and Alexander the Great for the Persians.

Alexander the Great came to Persia to invade and conquer, while the explorers were just exploring, but bringing deseases with them. The Rapanui downfall was more on the “accidental” side, while the Persian downfall was more on the “purposely” side. Both civilizations fell because of the europeans, but with different motivations. Alexander the Great’s invasion was focused more on expanding his empire, and the explorer’s trip was focused more on discovering new lands.

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  1. Denby says:

    Even though one was more ‘accidental’ as you describe it, do you think both ended up short of resources?

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