The Thirst Of A Mosquito


Period 5/6

Señor Denby


The Thirst Of A Mosquito


At Settlement 21, the citizens were dying one by one, due to the decreasing blood supply.

“Naya!” Dengue called, “We’re running low on a food surplus. I’m sending you to fetch some blood from the near by house. It is dangerous, but I trust you.”


“Really?” Naya replied, ”I’m honored, even though it might kill me. I really wanted to be like the mosquitos like on T.V!”


“Go to the fence past the shabby hut; Andrew will be waiting.”


“Yessir!” Naya replied excitedly as he zoomed towards the fence, dodging the branches and other busy mosquitos in rush hour.


The others were there, at the top of the fence, waiting patiently, suiting up.


“Here,” Andrew said passing over the hi-tech blood suit, “Put this on. This is for extra protection and speed.”

Clipping the suit on, with additional instructions from Michael, Naya felt lighter and stronger, like the others.

“Now we hunt!”







They followed Andrew to the entrance of the house, zipping, turning, and diving. Diving straight down the sleeping guard blades, down the dark, web filled tunnel.

“Be careful of the spiders-” Andrew was interrupted by a scream.

“SPIDER!!” yelled Michael, trying to get away from a spider camouflaged in the dark.

“Move, move, move!” Naya exclaimed.

Zipping blindly in the dark, they burst out, narrowly missing the spinning killer blades.

Glancing around, they found a target, staring at a shining box.

“You get the head and distract while Naya and I get the blood; then we switch,” Andrew commanded.


They zoomed, Ray buzzing at the ears. Immediately, the target began swinging it’s arms wildly.

“Olé!” shouted Ray like a professional Lizard Fighter.

Andrew and Naya landed on the leg, and started to suck. As the savored the juicy, delicious blood, they AGAIN got interrupted by a scream.

“POISON!!” Ray screamed! It’s burning me!”

They heard a tiny thud as the lifeless body of Ray fell to the ground.

“Fly!” Andrew shouted as the surviving started to scatter. As they rose 50 lizard tails, the mosquitos started to slack.

“I’m feeling nauseous,” Naya moaned, “I think the poison got me.”

“Where’s the medic-Darn! The medic, Ray, is dead. Lets hurry back to the hive.” Andrew said, “Let’s take-”

Andrew fell lifelessly, floating down as a sound indicating death filling Naya and Spot’s antennae.

“Hurry! We need to reach the vent!” Spot exclaimed,

“Poison!” Naya exclaimed as the world blackened out.

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