Ideas/Current Events March 2012: Digital OVERLOAD

The psychology article (again) is about the overload of information our brain takes that is from our daily gadget lives. Matt Richtel, a New York Times technology journalist spent several months researching information overload in our brains. He also joined scientists who were psychologists, in a non-tech experiment that involves them going to a remote corner of Utah, no gadgets allowed. On the third day, Richtel says:

“You start to feel more relaxed. Maybe you sleep better. Maybe you don’t reach for your phone pinging in your pocket. Maybe you wait a little longer to answer a question. Maybe you don’t feel in a rush to do anything–your sense of urgency fades”

-Matt Richtel


They basically conclude that people should take breaks now and then to pull us away from the technology so that we concentrate better. Richtel also says aquestion hat the scientists are asking,

“how much is too much, when it comes to processing technology.


One experiment that scientists conducted at the Stanford University showed that people who use gadgets A LOT tend to have trouble filtering info, and have trouble concentrating. Richtel aso makes an interesting comment about our gadget use and compares it to food, which in reality is true. We totally depend on our computers, but we need to control our usage.

“Just as food nourishes us and we need it for life, so too–in the 21st century and the modern age–we need technology. You cannot survive without the communication tools; the productivity tools are essential.”

–Matt Richtel



I think that this article was very interesting and in some parts, I agree with. I like how the narrator clearly states that there are bad things and good things to technology, some that may physically and mentally harm you, some that do the complete opposite. I am also surprised that the scientists went away from their beloved gadgets into the wild to conduct a brain experiment.

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  1. Denby says:

    Daiki, you did a great job with this. I love the way you interspersed your writing with key quotes from the article. Well done.

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