Skull Mask

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A mask form. Plaster. Water. Starbucks cup of awesomeness. Materials for a skull mask.

I stared a mask out of a mask form in art that will later become a skull mask. I started with plaster, and covering the form with it. After drying, we  drew lines of where holes will be. I made huge eyes to emphasize the eye hole. After, we used a glue gun to place wires so that it will create the texture of a scar. We had to wear gloves, because it was very hot.

Lastly, so far, we covered the mask with paper clay so tat it will become stronger and that we can cover the wires that we added before. I added some small bits of clay to the edges of the “scar” bump to make it look like a scar. The image above is me working on the paper clay.

During the making of the mask, I learned how to use a  hot glue gun, as well as using wire to add texture. It is very interesting of using plaster to cover the form. I learnt that the gauze had some clay in it that hardened after being wet.






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3 Responses to Skull Mask

  1. Ms. Meisner says:

    Sensei Daiki –
    Your mask is coming along quite nicely (and terrifyingly). You’ve explained the steps for making your mask very clearly. I’m curious – have you run into any problems you’ve had to solve? Is your original idea the one that you’re making or has it changed?

  2. Danny says:

    Good work on explaining how you made the mask but I need you to check a little bit of spelling but other than that this is outstanding.

  3. Yasuko says:

    Well done!

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