Grade Six Khao Yai Trip

We (the six-graders) just recently visited Khao Yai (big mountain in Thai) fot an over-night trip. It was a very good experience. On the first day, we has a bus ride for about 3 hours. When we FINALLY got to the place we were staying in, Saint Stephens, we had the welcome message and were told the rules. We then separated into boys and girls and went to our dorms. We had some time to make our day-pack and then it was off to the cafeteria again. At the cafeteria, we talked a bit more and split into our park groups to play games. One game included the name game, which we learnt each other’s names. I think the most exciting activity was making our own pop corn. It was very exciting because we did not know when it will pop. After the activities, we had some free time. I was a soccer photographer!


The day after, we went into the National Park to hike. We packed our day packs and headed off to the cafeteria to eat breakfast. After eating, we separated into our park groups and headed off to the National Park in our vans. We sang songs in the 1 hour trip to the forest, and once we arrived, we got off and had another safety talk about the forest. We then separated into our park groups and started to hike. It was very tiring, but I think it was good exercise. We ended the trail  next to a reservoir.

After eating lunch, the grass land trail begun. We were lucky when we went on the trail because it was cooler than the morning. We got spooked when we saw some animal bones.


At night, after dinner, we had a bon fire. One teacher joked and said that they will cancel the fire because of the CO2 made. After we complained, they said that the math/science teachers were on our side and that we WILL have the camp fire. During the fire, we sang songs and watched many performances.


On the last day, we played in the pool and did capture the flag. Then it was good bye to Khao Yai. I think the trip was a good experience and that I cannot wait until the seventh grade trip.

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