Importance of SURPLUS

Surplus- Surplus means that you have extra or more than you need.

Surplus was a key factor of the development of Mesopotamia, because surplus meant extra. Before surplus, everyone had to be a farmer so that they can have their own food. The food supply just scratched the surface. No one bothered to make cites, leaders, and monuments, because they did not have time. When they discovered surplus, or made surplus, they had time. This meant that not everyone needed to farm. Some people farmed, while others ate from the surplus or from the farmers. The people who did not farm got the time to get jobs, build jobs, build cities, elect leaders, and so on. For example, the video that we watched in class talked about the reason why Mesopotamia made cities like Ur was because of surplus. They had extra food so that not everyone needed to farm. The video also told us that a granary was used to store extra grain. This provided extra, and a place to store all of the extra grain.



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  1. Denby says:

    Daiki, your connections between important steps in Mesopotamian development are clear and show your understanding of this concept.

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